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This page contains resources for anyone supporting an individual who has the potential to get around in their community more independently using rideshare.

The materials on this site are intended to be *one piece* of a broader approach that includes real-world practice with the support and supervision of a teacher, counselor, therapist, or family member.

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Download the Teacher's Guide

Pop-out the graphic on the right to view or download the Safe Rideshare Program Teacher's Guide. The guide includes:

  • Program overview (background, aims, audience, format, cautions, etc.)

  • Description of online lesson activities

  • One-to-one session ideas

  • "Show What You Know" answer keys

FINAL Teacher’s Guide with Copyright 2022.pdf

"Show What You Know" Knowledge Checks

These short quizzes can be downloaded and printed to check participant learning following each lesson.

Lesson 1: Intro to Rideshare

Show What You Know L1 Hard Copy.pdf

Lesson 2: Starting the Ride

Show What You Know L2 Hard Copy.pdf

Lesson 5: Money Management

Show What You Know_ Money Management - Google Forms.pdf

Lesson 3: During the Ride

Show What You Know L3 Hard Copy.pdf

Lesson 4: Ending the Ride

Show What You Know L4 Hard Copy (1).pdf
The Safe Rideshare Program was developed as the final capstone project of an Occupational Therapy Doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University. This site is intended to increase awareness and knowledge of what rideshare is and how to use it safely. On its own, it is not sufficient to ensure an individual can take rideshare safely or transfer their knowledge to performance in real-world situations. The Safe Rideshare Program, its creators, and Virginia Commonwealth University are not responsible for any negative experiences or personal harm that results from using rideshare.
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