Julia Sadler


Case CATalyst Scopist

A Little Bit of Background:

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in history from UC Berkeley

  • Participated in Gateway Community College's court reporting program in Phoenix


To clarify and fine-tune your preferences between AUDIO and VIDEO transcripts, please see the Preference Sheet.

However, below is my general approach to them unless directed otherwise. Just let me know if your preferences differ.

Audio: For audio transcripts, I will assume readability is the highest priority. Unless otherwise instructed, I will not include repeated words, repeated phrases, partial words, and attorney's casual "Okay" after the witness has answered.

Video: For video transcripts, I try to match the verbiage with the video as well as possible. Unless otherwise instructed, I will include all repeated words (up to 3 times), all repeated phrases, and include attorney's "Okay" after the witness has answered.


I keep a schedule of all the work I receive so that I don't overbook myself. Before accepting your transcript, if I see that I can't accommodate the 5-day turnaround time you've requested, I'll suggest an alternate date. If it's acceptable to you, we'll use it as the due date and we'll use the 5-day turnaround charge. (Note that I DO work weekends.)

Don't worry, I'll include a small summary of the due date and pricing when I accept your job, just to make sure we are both absolutely clear.

Job Production:

Feel free to send me your transcript (zipped, with audio file synced to the transcript) using the file-sharing system of your choice.

If there are spots where the audio is challenging and I can't confirm what's being said, I'll leave scanstops (F8) to bring it to your attention. I'll also leave a Hidden Comment/Push-Pin (also searchable by using F8) if I need to leave a note.

If you use Auto Indexing, no worries. Once I have your template, I can usually follow a sample.

Please click this link to my Preference Sheet. Once you've answered a few questions, and you've sent me a searchable pdf sample of one of your transcripts, we'll be good to go.

Job Completion:

Unless I'm told otherwise, I'll follow these protocols when completing the job:

* Email the completed job to you, zipped, without the audio file.

* Return the finished file with the original file name, followed by my initials, JS, so that it's clear you have the scoped file.

For the first three jobs, I appreciate payment upon receipt of the invoice. After we've established a working relationship, I'll email you invoices on the 1st and 15th of each month. Any form of electronic transfer is fine, such as Google Pay, Zelle Pay, and Paypal.