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Microsoft Office, a software that is used by millions across the globe for completing a number of professional as well as institutional tasks on a daily basis. A huge part of our life is so dependent on the use of Office setup applications that we cannot think of our professional lives without them. Whether it is the flow of communication, creating documents, or managing our work, MS Office applications always come in handy. So, if you want to learn how to get Office products via, then stick through this handy guide till the end.

  1. From a trusted browser, visit

  2. Now, sign in to your Office setup/Microsoft account

  3. After that, locate the product key

  4. Next up, you have to enter the product key to redeem it

  5. Followed by this, choose your language and country

  6. Download the setup file and complete the prompts

  7. Complete the set up by running the software

Which Office subscription should you choose

Since Office setup products are available in different types, therefore it might be difficult for a user to choose which subscription or plan is best suited for his needs. If you are also struggling with the same confusion, then you have landed at the right place.

There are different types of subscriptions available for the new users and existing users can also upgrade to their desired product versions. These products are based on Home and Business needs and can be purchased from

The most recent version of Office which can be found on the official website is Microsoft 365. However, this is a subscription-based product and you need to renew your subscription as soon as it expires to continue using it.

In case you want to make a one-time purchase of Office, then you should go for MS Office 2019 which is available for both Home and Business use. For more details on these products, you can head to the official website and learn more.

Let's learn how to download the Office Setup file

  1. First, visit the official website i.e. from any browser

  2. On the next screen, you shall be asked to log in to your Office account

  3. After logging in, enter the 25-digits Office product key in the given space

  4. In case you have bought it from an offline store, then you have to redeem it first

  5. After you enter the product key, you shall be taken to the "Download" page

  6. Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process

Why should you choose Office setup?

Office setup product key- Redeem it now

If you are confused as to why you should opt for an Office plan, then think no more because choosing an Office plan always makes a difference. As you can already see that there are several versions of Office available at When you reach this platform, you will be allowed to choose from Office versions such a Microsoft 365, Microsoft Office 2019 Home, or Business. With its smart and in-built applications, you can always complete your assigned tasks in a better way. There are apps with high-end features and also there are apps that let you collaboratively work on a task in a better way.

If you do not know what an Office setup product key is, then you should note that it is an activation key that you need to keep handy during the activation process. This code is of 25-digits unique characters which are available in an alphanumeric way. When you buy your Office subscription or opt for the one-time version, then you are provided with this code. To redeem this code, you need to go to, log in to your account, and then enter the activation code in the available space. As soon as you redeem your key, the product key will get linked to your account.

Explore beyond limits with Office apps

There are classic as well as new Microsoft Office applications that let you do more than you have ever expected. It doesn't matter that you want to prepare a presentation, work on a document, manage Excel sheets, and do much more with it, there is an Office app for each task. All your Office subscriptions are saved in one place that is in your Office account.

In order to install your Office subscription on your device, you must navigate to the page, sign in with your Microsoft account, and provide your product key. After entering the key, you have to tap on the "Install" option.

As soon as you do so, your file will start to download on your device. Once it gets downloaded, you need to run the installation file and complete the activation.

  1. From a trusted browser, go to

Open the desired web browser on your device and go to the page. This is the official Microsoft website for downloading the Office setup file.

2. Sign in to your Microsoft account or create one

In case you are already having a Microsoft account, you can log in to that. Else, you have to select the option to create a new account.

3. Find your Office setup product key

After logging, you need to redeem your product key which simply means that you have to link it with your account

4. Redeem the product key

Grab the 25-digit code and then enter it in the given field to redeem your subscription.

5. Download and install your subscription

After redeeming the product key it is a must that you click on the "Install" button next to your product.

6. Now, run the Office installation wizard

When the file gets downloaded, you should tap on it and then click the "Run" option.

7. Activate your product and you are done

At times, you shall be prompted again to enter the activation code. After doing so, you are all set to start using your subscription.