Overview Module 1 & 2


Agency Representation 101 (Getting started in Commercial)

· Understand brokerage (solo, team, group)

· Support (training, mentoring, forms, signage)

· Specialization (Multi-Family,Retail,Industrial,Office,Land

· System development (leads, referrals, competencies)

Marketing (Yourself, Your listings, Your Company)

· Be assertive, aggressive and on target.

· Everywhere (Websites, Blogs, Social Media, Chamber, etc.)

· Getting PR and developing your CORE

· Ask for assistance (Design, Message, Logo, Ideas)

· Be creative (audio podcasts, video podcasts, QR codes, etc…think outside the box)

· Always include your sponsoring brokerage in all advertising.

· Reevaluate what doesn’t work and move on

Forms (LOI, Lease, Non disclosure, Purchase Contract)

· Locate and become familiar with current commercial forms in your office or documents library.

· LOI (Identifying the basic requirements or expectations)

· Be aware that most leases require attorney input.

· Protection agreements (Non Disclosure, Confidentiality )

· Conditions in a commercial purchase contract

Key Commercial Resources (Legal, Financial, Inspection, Appraisal)

· Commercial Attorney (Understand the level of expertise)

· Commercial Lender (Different requirements)

· Commercial Inspection

· Commercial Appraisal

Overview Module 2

REO (Bank Owned Property) challenges and opportunities

· Distressed Assets

· Hidden issues

· New listings

· Incentives

Reports (CMA, Asset Memorandum, BOV, BPO)



· Asset Memorandum

· Asset Matrix of offers

· Remarketing

Due Diligence (Financials, Property Issues, Tenants, Options)

· Financials ( Investment Analysis, Leases, Lender)

· Property Issues (Environmental, Survey, Deferred


· Tenants (Strength of leases, expiration, renewals)

· Options ( Seller, Buyer, Conversions, Systems)

Useful Commercial Websites


· Loopnet


· Corporate

· Globe Street

· others