Tell Your Story of Winston-Salem During COVID-19

We are living history right now. The coronavirus pandemic has brought rapid change on a scale few of us have ever experienced. MUSE Winston-Salem encourages you and your family to document this experience through:

  • keeping a journal

  • audio or video recording

  • drawing or photography

  • writing a poem or making art

And we would love if you would share artifacts of your experience with us. Like other museums and historical societies around the country, with your help we'll build a digital archive that will help tell the story of this remarkable time.

What are you feeling during this time? How is the coronavirus pandemic impacting your daily life at home or at work? What kind of adjustments and coping strategies have you utilized since the crisis began? Have you had any memorable moments of community and connection, creativity and new perspective, or loss and lament?

We've created this site as point of collection for the artifacts of your experience, in whatever form they take. Choose from one of the options below: share your thoughts and upload files by clicking on the online form (or the alternate form for non-Gmail users), or download a fillable PDF, which you can either type into and return by email OR print out and fill out by hand and the send back by snail mail! Whatever's easiest for you!

Alternately, download this fillable PDF and return by email or snail mail.

With questions, concerns, or just to send us a quick reflection, email us at