Info For Callers

Thank you very much for being willing to call people during the Covid-19 crisis. We need to be church in different ways and the telephone becomes a crucial tool for us now - so that we can reach everyone but especially for those who do not receive our electronic communications.

As one of our callers, we would really appreciate it if you could please...

  1. Be familiar with the contents of our website in case people have questions. Or, at least be able to refer to it during the call.
  2. Ring people as often as you think is helpful but, if the person is living alone and maybe not online, it might be appropriate to check-in daily.
  3. Check the call outline for the day.
    1. Remember that, if you have missed a day, there might be extra questions.
  4. Record the answers to the questions. We need this information flowing back in to us. Linda is our information gatherer unless it is something that should come directly to one of the pastors.
  5. Remember that people might be anxious.
    1. Remain calm and sensitive at all times.
  6. Listen for areas of need, even if they are not explicitly expressed.
    1. If they are not explicit, please ask questions to clarify.
  7. Communicate back to us:
    1. the answers to the questions
    2. any needs that you discover.