Pesticide Info

The term “pesticide” includes insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. (i.e., any product used to kill, control, or prevent pests).

¨Pesticide regulations are the responsibility of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Arkansas State Plant Board.

´The CES is not responsible for your pesticide license or pesticide regulations – that is the Plant Board.

4 Types of Applicators

*Private (RUP, no test, 5 yr recertification)

*Commercial (Any pesticide, tests, 3 yr recertification)

*Non-Commercial (RUP, tests, 3 yr recertification)

*Commercial Applicator Technician (Any pesticide, no test, 1 yr recertification)

Your county cooperative extension service will provide private RUP licensing but you will need to contact the Arkansas State Plant Board if you need a commercial, non-commerical, or commercial applicator technician license.