Dicamba Information

New Information

The 2019 labels state that everyone that applies the new dicamba formulations must now be a certified (licensed) applicator. That means anyone on a farm that applies Xtendimax, Engenia, or FeXapan must have a private applicator’s restricted-use pesticide license (or a commercial/non-commercial license, where applicable). There is also a requirement for dicamba-specific training for in-crop applications of dicamba to Xtend crops by the registrants.

What That Means?

Number 1: The labels of the new dicamba products (Xtendimax, Engenia, FeXapan) require that anyone that purchases or applies these products must be a certified applicator. That means applicators must have their restricted-use pesticide license. Miller County Extension will host multiple trainings throughout the year. You can find Miller County Trianings here. Other extension counties will also host trainings that applicators may attend if Miller County dates do not correlate with their schedule. You may find additional trainings outside of Miller County here.

Number 2: The labels also require that all applicators that will apply any of these three products to complete a dicamba training program. Our new Arkansas regulations require that the companies that make these products must provide this training. You can find that information here or here. As of now, the registrants are only providing face-to-face trainings.

So two different requirements for anyone making applications of these products: Applicators must have a current restricted-use pesticide license and applicators must complete dicamba-specific training. Extension is responsible for the restricted use pesticide applicator training (PAT) training and the chemical companies are responsible for the dicamba-specific training.