Margaret Pearce was a sickly child and an omnivorous reader. This made for a harmonious and successful substitute for education, as she didn’t spend much time at any of the schools she attended.

Launched on an unsuspecting commercial world as a stenographer/secretary she ended up as a copywriter in an advertising agency. She took to writing instead of drink when raising children, completed an Arts Degree at Monash university as a mature age student and lurk in an underground flat in the Dandenongs still writing.

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Deep in a dungeon beneath the streets of the Black City, three men await their fate. To escape, Rofe, a crusading knight, Olaf, the Barbarian, and Merc, ‘Prince of Thieves’, must put aside their differences and band together.

They journey through enemy territory, fighting gargantuan reptiles, man-eating plants, and voodoo poisons. Their survival is dependent on their swords, courage and sheer cunning.