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This article is about how you can log in to your Magic Jack account. The complete procedure is simple and you can finish the MagicJack login process in just a few steps. If you are new at MagicJack then you will have to register for an account on But before moving on to the account creation process; let’s learn more about MagicJack. "covid-19"

More about MagicJack Login

MagicJack is a Voice call providing platform that works on VOIP technology. It provides equivalent services as your home phone, but instead of an ingenious telephone line, it uses your internet connection alternatively. And thus this service has been more advanced and straightforward than your home phone option.

MagicJack allows you to make a call while on the go and even you can ring calls to your home phone or smartphone. MagicJack has worked on its dark image that it had originally in the market. It had worked a lot to increase the reliability of the product by implementing various marketing tactics. So, if you have purchased a MagicJack device and looking to start enabling its services then stay with us as we are going to guide you about it.

How to Activate and Register for a New MagicJack Device?

To enable the MagicJack services you will need to activate it by visiting the MagicJack official website. So, let’s head on to the steps to activate it.

  1. Using a laptop, visit MagicJack official website

  2. Now, in the menu bar, look for the ‘Activate’ option and click on it

  3. Then, connect your MagicJack device with your laptop through a USB cable

  4. Now, click on the “Detect Device” link and wait for the prompt (the device has been detected)

  5. Then, you will be taken on next step for activation of your MagicJack device

  6. Now, a dialog box will be opened on your device with the massage that essential drivers are being downloaded and installed on your system

  7. When this process will be finished then you will get a button to initiate the registration process for your MagicJack device

  8. Now, you may be asked the source of purchase of your dongle; either, you have purchased it from a physical store or the company’s website

  9. So, tell your answer and click on the "Next" button to move on to the next step

  10. Now, to verify your ownership confirm your email address

  11. Make sure to provide an email address that you own because this will be forever on your MagicJack account

  12. Also, enter your details to fill in the account creation form

  13. Select a user name and set the password for your account on the same page

  14. Then, click on the "Submit" button

  15. Finally, you have registered on MagicJack successfully

Note: After completing the above steps your MagicJack device will be enabled to make calls. MagicJack also offers to make payments and you can manage your account as well via MagicJack login. So, let’s head to the steps to begin the MagicJack login process. "covid-19"

Steps for MagicJack Login

To access your MagicJack account features you will need to log in using your account credentials. Go through the steps to start the process:

  1. Using your device ( mobile or computer) visit my MagicJack login page

  2. Now, enter your MagicJack login credentials such as username and password

  3. Then, on the same page click on the ‘Login” button

  4. Finally, you will be logged in to your MagicJack account

Note: Make sure to memorize your login credentials carefully. Unfortunately, if you have forgotten your MagicJack account password then don’t be panic about it as our next discussion is about how you can recover your MagicJack account password.

Steps to recover MagicJack account password

Follow the steps given below to recover the MagicJack account password.

  1. Using a device head to the Majic jack login page

  2. Then, look for the ‘forgot password’ option on the MagicJack login page

  3. Now, enter your username and search to find out your account details

  4. You may be asked to verify your MagicJack account mobile number/ email address

  5. So, confirm your number/ email to get a verification code

  6. Enter the verification code and head to set a new password on the next page

  7. Enter a new password for your account and confirm it

  8. Finally, the password for your MagicJack login account will be recovered successfully

Note: Once after recovering your MagicJack account password you can log in to your account again by visiting the login MagicJack page using your new password.


In short, the MagicJack login process is easy and simple if you have registered your account on its official website. We have mentioned the method to activate an account registration process for MagicJack in this article. This may be very helpful to get started with the MagicJack Login device. To get more information about the MagicJack Login website you can head to its official website. MagicJack dongle setup process is easy and simple; to activate its services you will need to head to the MagicJack login page. Go through the steps to get started.