MagicJack Login

Logging in to your magicJack account is extremely easy and just about anyone should be able to do it. The first step you will need to follow is to go to the at login page on the official website.

MagicJack Login | MagicJack Sign In | MagicJack Account Login

Not long ago humanity discovered the brain, and then intelligence. But, we live and exist with artificial intelligence devices all around us. Magicjack is a brand that thought of and invented the Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It has one unique selling point (USP)- it operates on internet connectivity and not on your phone’s cable connection, and requires having a magicjack login account. The company extends its products and services exclusively in the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Users are entitled to using these devices, worldwide, when making magicjack-to-magicjack calls. Magicjack has made making phone calls easy that lets you travel internationally, and still be able to use your devices to connect to people in your life. And that is to make calls to the US and Canada from, virtually, anywhere in the world. You are eligible to use and enjoy the Magicjack devices with extremely low or cost-effective international charges. Let’s look at how users create their magicjack account, what issues they face and how to resolve them.


For easy access on your iPhones, the company launched an application- MagicApp. Just take your magicjack number and never miss your calls. Now let’s look at the steps involved in registering or creating an account for worldwide access: (

  1. Go to the official website and register yourself by submitting your personal data, or go to your play store/app store> Search “magicApp”> Click on “Install” or “Get” (it is free).

  2. Post-installation, Register yourself by typing in your “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Email Address”> Set a password and re-enter it to confirm.

  3. Upgrade to the compatible operating system- iOS, and Android 4.4 (and above)> And you’re all set with your MAGICJACK login.


It’s a paperless era and with availability of online bill payment services, life has become easy and requires putting minimum effort. Here are some benefits of having an online magicjack login account:

  • Make online payments directly from the website or app.

  • Check and keep updated with your existing and available options for plans.

  • Be eligible for managing your account.

  • Receive the new age, paperless bills.


  • To know the official website to magicack login

  • Having a magicjack login (registered) email or phone number and the set password.

  • Your default internet browser.

  • A reliable internet connection with fast connectivity on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


This is how you have to log in to access and manage your magicjack login as you will be unable to make calls without it:

  1. Visit www.magicjack .com login> Locate the “Log in” option and click on it.

  2. Select “My Magijack” option> Either fill in your registered email or your registered phone number followed by your set password.

  3. Click “Log In”.

And it’s done. You’ve successfully completed your magicjack login.


Before trying to go through with magicjack login you have to ensure that you have a registered online account with Magicjack. You would not face any issues if you’ve entered your credentials, same as the ones you entered while registering, or after you’ve changed them (if changed). But, it’s a given that users may face challenges in remembering their passwords or somehow keep entering the incorrect password.

Steps to resolve forgotten password:

  1. Choose the option “Forgot Password?”

  2. Type in your registered email address> Click “Next”.

  3. Receive an email with a reset link> Visit the link> Reset your password

You will now be able to complete your magicjack login to your account with ease.


Magicjack is the first of its kind to deal in Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). It also lets users in the US and Canada to text unlimited. Magicjack login procedure requires you to have a registered email address or phone number so that you can access it virtually from anywhere in the world (only to call magicjack login users). People using this facility need to have reliable internet connectivity, and that’s it. Users might face issues but can easily be resolved. So just get yourself registered, create your account and keep the magicjack login details with you wherever you go. And then, just sit back and enjoy. Magicjack login lets you access your account anywhere in the world with your magicjack login number to make calls and send text messages to other magicjack users.