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An overview of the use of GPS receivers in agriculture.pdf

An overview of GPS receivers in Agriculture

Verification Strips.pdf

Verification Strips

The Value of a Yield Map.pdf

The value of a Yield Map


Geospatial Newsletter

Using Goggle Maps to store basic geographical information.pdf

Using Google maps to store basic geographical Information


What is Soil Electrical Conductivity?


Variable rate_Does it pay?

Method to Easily Obtain Numerical Values from Drone Imagery for Comparison and Indices Calculations.pdf

Practical drone data analysis 1

LINK for video

Using ImageJ to Evaluate Imagery Data for Plot and Area Analysis and Indices Calculations.pdf

Practical drone data analysis 2

LINK for video

RTK x LIDAR Elevation Data for Precision Ag.pdf

Free LIDAR elevation maps


Sugarcane Field Day 20act21

John Deere Operations Center Tutorial.pdf

Download from Deere OPS

How To Generate Right Yield Data Using Multi-Harvesting Machines_Luciano_02152022.pdf

Multiple combine yield map correction


Rainfall from CHIRPS

Easy way to identify soil type_modified_Luciano.pdf


Drone Facts


Dr. Randy Price


Build your own low-cost drone to map large areas for fun and research


UAS and drone rules for commercial, recreational and governmental use


Build you own sprayer drone

P3632_Nozzle Tip Selection for Drift ControlNEW_RCH0818RPricepdf.pdf

Drone nozzle tip selection for drift control


Low cost drone mapping system for crop scouting


Nozzle tip and sprayer setting selection for drift reduction in the DJI AGRAS MG-1/1S Sprayer Drone

Selecting the Right Computer for Drone Mapping.pdf

Selecting the right computer for drone mapping

Drone Conversion Toolbox


Dr. Randy Price

The Done Imagery Conversion Toolbox was created to allow users with a regular retail store drones and normal cameras (RGB) to obtain reliable quantitative plant health analysis results from regular RGB imagery and provide a quick method of analysis with very little knowledge of remote sensing principles. The program will allow you to analyze a single image or a multiple set of images, allowing large plot evaluations to be performed in very little time

Download software


Examples of plot images

Any questions please reach out Dr. Randy Price primarily or any member of the LSU Precision Ag Team.