Linda Troeller


Mutmachkongress 2021 in Bad Sulza, Germany

Article in Dodho Magazine : Linda Troeller; A Successful Career in Art

"It was meaningful to celebrate my 50-year retrospective here in the region at the Kulturfabrik in Apolda sponsored by Marion Schneider and curated by Klaus Boehm in 2019."

Master Portfolio: Living in the Chelsea Hotel

Soho Photo Gallery/ Facebook

Available for collection and exhibition- 24 signed color photographs 20x24 inch printed on Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300 Paper by Tom White, 9 Surf Editions

Recently shown at Leica Gallery Los Angeles

iLon Art Gallery NYC/ Artsy

The self-portrait is a composition of structured forces and aspects of our developed knowledge of life. It is a guide toward "Who am I?" I attempt to delve into the international pause and see what it really means for me visualizing some personal re calibrations in this work that serves as testament to the many faces that composite the idea of self. I look at material below the surface of the picture planes: codes, thoughts, emotions and colors. These are guides into my identity beyond the curtain in this pandemic.

Julia Margarete Cameron Award, New Orleans, 2019

July 10th 2020 Exhibition Kultur Fabrik Apolda Germany, with Linda Troeller and six other women, check for further Information later. Contact here.

by Sabine Kutt

Linda is a living legend. Part of her life's work includes her self-portraits. They testify to her enormous creative energy and surprisingly fearless sincerity. It was all the more astonishing for me that there has been no photo essay about Linda yet. When we celebrated her 70th birthday we decided to create this essay together. Linda and I met repeatedly in New York within a year, each time feeling life anew.

My digital collage art is an investigation on aging, death, survival amid the Covid-19 virus which is robbing us yet also teaching us. The images explore personal cleansing, personal ablutions, picturing of sensation, emotion, environmental reforestation and defeating the stance of stigma expanding over the world. Concepts around Covid as a subject is such a porous process since the boundaries are changing so fast. Maybe an image will resonate so strongly to puncture into the heart of our rightfully scared public.