Kyle Edward Bradley


Undergraduate Field Program Coordinator

Asian School of the Environment

Principal Investigator

Earth Observatory of Singapore

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

B.S. Caltech 2005, Ph.D. MIT 2012

kbradley at (he/him/his)

As a scientist, I integrate geophysical data and field observations to study how Earth's major tectonic systems develop and interact, generate hazards, and impact humans. From the field to the laboratory to the keyboard, I am always trying to find new ways to tell stories about the Earth. While at NTU, I have focused on understanding the active tectonic systems of Southeast Asia, where more than 655,000,000 people live within and around what I call the Southeast Asian Ring of Fire.

As a teacher, I emphasize the joy of discovery and exploration in both the field and in the classroom, the development of transferrable skills, and an appreciation for the many connections between the Earth, its environments, and ourselves. My classes are built around interactive exercises that empower students by teaching them how to source data, make their own observations, and draw their own conclusions.

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Southeast Asian Ring of Fire

Interactive 3D geological models