Veterans' Mural Project

Storys of Service, Courage and Heroism

The Veterans’ Mural Project is a totally volunteer art project currently underway at the Charles George VA Medical Center in Asheville, NC. Under the direction of resident volunteer artist Jim Stilwell dozens of Veterans as well as non-military members of the community have been participating. Art experience is not necessary to participate. The murals are being painted on over 200’ of wall space in the hospital. Images include stories of service, courage and heroism, the history of the hospital, personal accounts from wars and conflicts, Veteran support groups, community partners, and VA staff.

In addition to being a morale booster and fun for the Veterans this project is therapeutic, helping enhance quality of life by providing a meaningful activity to increase self-esteem, self-worth and reduce stress.

“When you can create something it can also empower you to do other things in your life.” J. Stilwell

Jim would really like to see this project in other VA hospitals and encourages those who are interested to contact him to discuss ways to proceed.

“I know that there are blank walls everywhere. What makes this project unique is it is not just an artist coming in to paint a mural. It is a community effort.”

J. Stilwell

Phase 1-Stories of Service, Courage and Heroism

Thank you to our men and women who serve and have served our country during times of war and peace.

Phase 2-Charles George VA Medical Center History

Phase 3- Call to Duty

A Historic Journey

I have never been to War so I cannot say I know how that feels. I do understand what a sense of duty or service to a cause is because of certain things I have done in my life.

For whatever reasons our leaders create conflict, politically or morally, it is the average man and woman who is called to fight. Be it for freedom, others freedom or just for each other.

This wall depicts stories of those men and women. Many of the images are historical events and some are actual stories collected from my work at the VA

I believe it is important to look where we have been and learn from these events for hopes of someday not having any reason for war.

Please honor and show compassion for our Veterans as many lost their lives, were discarded or marginalized from our society and way too many injured and disabled body and mind.

To my Father, Tom Stilwell, who fought in the Pacific during WWII from

1943 -1945. 336th service squadron, U.S. Army Airforce

Continuing work. Due to Covid the murals have been on hold since March of 2020. When we get the all clear we will proceed with the Gulf Wars and Afganistan murals that were in an early stage of block out and painting.

Phase 4- A salute to our VA Staff, Programs and Partners

Thanks to All Who Make Our VA Possible

This phase is just in it's infancy. We have over 150 feet of wall space to honor the Team. I am hoping to get the all clear to return to move forward again. I have a team of existing volunteers and a couple of new Vets to help out.

Each mini-mural is a collaboration with each group to depict their roles in making the Charles George VA Medical Center on of this country's finest VA facility.