1. LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS Everything is connected

2. LAW OF VIBRATION Everything has a unique vibrational frequency

3. LAW OF ATTRACTION What is like unto itself is drawn

4. LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE As above, so below

5. LAW OF ACTION Manifestation requires aligned action

6. LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT Every action has a consequence

7. LAW OF COMPENSATION We are rewarded for right action

8. LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY Energy is always moving and always changing

9. LAW OF RELATIVITY It is all relative

10. LAW OF POLARITY There are two sides to everything

11. LAW OF RHYTHM Nothing is permanent

12. LAW OF GENDER Manifestation requires a balance of energies

"I want, by understanding myself, to understand others. I want to be all that I am capable of becoming."

Katherine Mansfield

Compassion, empathy, emotional sensitivity, putting ouselves into someone else's shoes. Exposing ourselves to these vulnerabilities without judgment is a difficult undertaking. But..... by doing so we open our hearts wider and deeper than we would have ever thought possible. If we can truly understand choices and decisions for ourself then we can begin to understand them for others. When we can feel and know our own reasoning we are closer to understanding ourself. Once we have clarity on our comprehensions we need to extend it to others. Start putting ourself in their shoes. Realize that although we and others make these choices it can be as much a reaction and compulsion. Realizing that is when we are on our way to true understanding. This doesn't mean we have to condone or even accept this behavior (ours or someone else's), we just need to understand it. Feel and know the reasoning with No Judgment. Hard to do but possible. It means breathing into our heart centers. Expanding them. It means allowing hurts and fears to be washed away. It means trusting The Source to be there with us. For we are capable of becoming all we are meant to be.


We, as a society, have innured ourselves to feelings. Yet feelings are the best part of living. It is why we, as spiritual beings in a human body, want to be here on this planet. Joy, excitment, falling in love, contentment are feelings we all want to experience. The touch of a hand, the meeting of two lips, the fulfillment of a hug. Yet we do many things to keep ourselves from feeling pain, fear, loss, and discomfort. Watch TV, plug into our phones, drugs, alcohol, anything that will numb our senses and keep us remote. Distant from those feelings. How can we truly experience one side without the other? These counterpart feelings become richer and more encompassing to our spirit when we engage and become present. Don't turn away from our darker emotions. Embrace them. Then feel how our Light-filled emotions expand, going deeper into our essenses. Filling our body, mind, and spirit.

"That which we do not confront in ourselves,

we will meet in fate."

Carl Jung

It is hard to look at ourselves. To hold that mirror up and really examine our lives. It is so much easier to find fault with another. "Look at how he/she is acting?" Maybe that person that we are looking at and ready to disparge came to our notice for a reason. Maybe that person is doing or saying or acting in a manner that irritates you because it is behavior you DO NOT want to see in yourself. How about when someone else points out a behavior they don't like but you are like,"Oh well, maybe that person is unaware." or you give them some other excuse like, "Maybe they are tired." But you your self are not bothered by the action. Is it because this is something that you have no trouble seeing in yourself and you can accept? Is it because to you there are reasons why a person may choose to behave in such a manner and you understand them? You ackowledge these behaviors are not standard society norms but because you have opened your heart, your mind you are able to allow them. What is it we are doing when we open our heart and mind? We are kind. We are tolerant. We are accepting. We are LOVE. So look at those behaviors which we pretend we don't have, that make it hard to look ourselves in the eyes in the mirror. Really look. Then be kind to yourself. Be tolerant. Be accepting. Be LOVE. Confront and be your fate. And I bet you will find you can look yourself in the eye.

June 13, 2018

Some days are really tough. A child who has had so many terrible things happen to them they are frightened of the world and have a difficult time standing up for themselves. Sooooo, you try your darnest to teach this child that it is not only imperative to stand up for themselves not only for themselves but that it will help change the way the world is spinning out of axis and the energies that effect us all. You teach them to use appropriate words, with please and thank you's, as well as, an applicable tone when speaking up for themselves. Then the situation doesn't end well. We evaluate and conclude that something really did need to be said and that the unpleasant ending completely falls on the other party. You dust your self off, wish the other party well as we both know this person will pay for their inappropriate response. For no one goes through life without Karma evening things out, either in this life or another. It's hard. But what really makes it tough, what really makes it difficult is when another adult then chastises this child for standing up for themselves in this completely fitting manner. That in this day and age you should keep your mouth shut because we never know how someone will respond. Exactly...... we never know. This person could have thanked this child for pointing out their error and apologized for inconveniencing this child and others. Or they could have gone completely overboard and reacted even worse. The point is: Do we go through life terrorized to say what is relevant and necessary because we don't know if that person or persons will go completely off their rocker? Or do we stand up for ourselves in proper behavior? Knowing if nothing else by doing so, speaking up, we respect ourselves even if others don't. Some days are really tough.

Oracle Card for the day......

Drawn from Mystical Shaman Oracle deck by A. Villoldo, C. Baron-Reid, M. Lobos

Thought for the day......

sometimes things fall apart so they can fall into place so much better

Thought for the day......

Be you...the world will adjust.

Treasure Every Moment

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