www.hulu.com/activate: It is very easy to activate Hulu, all you have to do is to enter the Hulu activation code at hulu.com/activate that is the official website for accessing the Hulu channels and the respective account. However, if you face any issues in the process to activate the same, it is always recommended to visit the official URL of Hulu that is www.hulu.com/activate.

What are the steps to create a Hulu account?

1. Visit www.hulu.com/activate from your web browser. After this, tap on the Start your free trial button.

2. Select the plan as per your preference.

3. Enter the credentials as prompted on-screen.

4. You have to choose the payment options for your billing and tap on the “Submit”.

5. Enter the information related to the payment whenever prompted.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How to locate the Hulu activation code?

1. First of all, you have to download the Hulu application on smart tv.

2. Just sign in to the Hulu account using the credentials with www.hulu.com/activate.

3. Enter the activation code displayed on-screen.

4. You have to note down the Hulu code.

How to activate Hulu channels at hulu.com/activate?

1. First of all, go to the Hulu app on your respective devices.

2. On the screen tap on the “Activate Hulu from computer” option.

3. You have to click on the option to get the device activation code.

4. Once you get the activation code open the web browser and go to hulu.com/activate.

5. Go to the account section and access the login page.

6. Tap on the “Activate your device” option.

7. Wait for a while till the activation process gets completed.

What are the steps to activate Hulu on Apple TV?

1. Just go to the Apple Tv store.

2. Browse for the Hulu app and install it.

3. Tap on the app to see the activation code.

4. Open the browser and visit hulu.com/activate.

5. Just log in to the Hulu account and select the Apple Tv from the list of devices.

6. Choose the TV cable provider and login into your Hulu account.

7. Enter the Hulu activation code and tap on the “Continue” option.

8. You can now see the channels from Hulu on Apple Tv and you can browse amongst your favorite.

What are the supported devices for the Hulu channel activation?

· Roku

· Amazon Fire TV

· Apple TV

· Xbox One & Xbox 360

· Android

· iPhone and iPad

How to use the Hulu activation code on www.hulu.com/activate?

1. Open the web browser and visit www.hulu.com/activate.

2. Just log in to the web browser and login to the Hulu account or you can create the one.

3. Enter the login credentials that are associated with the account.

4. Tap on the “Link New Device” option and click on the “Continue” option.

5. Enter the activation code whenever prompted.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

We hope that the steps mentioned in this article have shown you a way to activate Hulu channels on your respective devices via www.hulu.com/activate. However, you can always visit the official website and get assistance for the same from the Hulu customer support website. On the website, you will get the instructions and guidelines for the same. More Information :- www.office.com/setup,