GVE gets a reskin

The production/editing entity of GTK474, GVE Inc is now going under a new less corporate name to Tangy Productions. This reskin now has a ZESTY look!

Posted on 24/05/2021 - Updated on 24/10/21

Two series are coming to GTK474 in 2021

Two series are coming to GTK474. One was announced years ago while the second is brand new!

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GTK474 Goes to Japan! (Kind of..)

The YouTube channel GTK474 has recently created a channel on the Japanese video site Niconico & YouTube. The channel is named GTK474 ジャパン and has uploaded a video about LEGO Mario from his more GTK474 channel and will also do an Japanese version of the IS series without The %&$# Geek.

Posted on 16/01/2021 - Updated on 24/2/2021

The Cookies and Cream Cereal comes to the UK

The American & South Korean cereal has come to the UK by Mondelēz International the owners of OREO and the OREO brand. It's a 'o shaped cereal in the OREO flavour with rice discs. The ingredients have also changed due to EU food regulations in 2020. This cereal is available in supermarkets like Asda and Morrisons online or in-store.