Are there any native speakers of Yola?

As of now? No. However there are people of all ages learning Yola as a second language, ranging from youth to older folk.

How do we know how Yola is meant to be pronounced?

There are numerous sources dating from the late 17th century, to the late 19th century, which delve into the phonetics of Yola, and the accent of the Yoles.

How many speakers of Yola are there now?

This can only be estimated unless a census is conducted, Based on membership of the Gabble Ing Yola discord, other revival groups, and known members of the community in Wexford there are an estimated 140 learners of the Yola language, all of varying levels of fluency.

Why learn Yola?

Helping to revive a dead language is in it of itself an admirable task, but not only are you helping to revitalize a dead language, you'll also be learning of the interesting history, and unique culture of County Wexford, and their speech, and engage with likeminded people in a welcoming community.