We Are In This Together!

The coronavirus outbreak has a broad economic and social impact globally just months after COVID-19 was first detected.

The Bay Area counties currently are sheltering in place. The order directs everyone to stay in their homes unless it's for "essential" services, activities or work. This unprecedented action is in an effort to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

These are difficult times that no one has ever imagined. Many are fortunate enough to stay in to protect themselves, contrarily, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, first respondents, housekeepers, etc. are at the front line risking their own health, tirelessly caring for the sick. Are they being taken care of?

In addition to this, businesses are suffering, especially the small independent neighborhood restaurants and eateries. Many decided to close and release employees, while some still managed to stay open to serve the community by offering takeout or delivery.

As a middle school student, it has been overwhelming and sad. I strongly believe that if we stay united, we can all overcome this eventually.

“Feed our frontliners” is a wonderful initiative for us to show human kindness to each other during these times of uncertainty. Our goal is to provide one-meal-at-a-time to the selfless frontliners while supporting the local businesses.


This link will send you to the Paypal Donation Site:

Peninsula Donation Link

Update: 4/25 & 4/26

Thanks to the delivery by Mr. Juan-Carlos Vargas, the owner of Divino, we were able to supply lunches to our Frontliners!

Below are some photos of our recent deliveries to Stanford Hospital and PAMF