Feed our Frontliners



With everything that’s going on and the worry of what may happen, the best thing that has been coming out of this pandemic is people helping people. In coming up with this idea, it is our hope that we assure our healthcare warriors are nourishing themselves so they can continue savings lives. They are already overworked and overwhelmed, in addition to the danger that they are exposing themselves to because of COVID-19. At the same time, it is our hopes to help our food service workers that lost 90% of their business.

This is not a movement. All we want to do is provide a meal to our Frontliners right now and pair them with a restaurant. All of us know a healthcare worker personally and we all know that these men and women live true to their oath of taking care of others before themselves. And our local restaurants need our help also.

These frontliner goody bags contain fresh fruits, veggies, and specialty items that may hopefully nourish hospital workers while expressing our appreciation. When one goody bag is purchased, the healthy produce and specialty items make their way from the farms all way to the hospitals, helping our community one bag at a time. Visit FMOW to help lend a helping hand to medical workers risking their lives every day just to help and aid their neighbors.

And so this is where we need your help.

Anything you can give to feed a whole unit or even just one health care worker, then our frontline can focus on what they do best: take care of us.

In addition, I started an internship at FMOW, Farmers Market on Wheels, to further support my community. I spoke with the founder of FMOW, Carla Bayot, and she appreciated the work I was doing in Feed Our Frontliners. One thing led to another and we devised a plan to help both hardworking farmers and life-risking frontliners. The whole team at FMOW liked the idea we came up with and it was a concerted effort to produce the finished product, Frontliner Goody Bags.

~ Jake Gonzaga

Stay safe, be kind, take care of each other and don’t forget to wash your hands!


How do I donate?

Visit FMOW to donate a frontliner goody bag today to do your part in helping our local healthcare workers

These packages will contain fresh fruits, veggies, and speciality items that may hopefully nourish hospital workers while expressing our appreciation.

Who will get the meal?

How are donations distributed?

All proceeds will go towards the "one meal" goal. Once that "one meal" has been fulfilled, the rest of proceeds will go to the next meal, and so forth.

Thanks to all your support we are able to provide meals and snacks to Santa Clara Valley Medical Clinic Team, Kaiser Hospital, Washington Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Hospital

About us

We are a group of people who have high desires to help out and just trying to find means of organizing so we can help in a big way. As we have said, this is an evolving effort and we welcome suggestions and collaboration from anyone.

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