Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

Puzzle, also known as Tower of Brahma, imagined by French mathematician Édouard Lucas, it consists of moving disks of different diameters in the starting tower to the arrival tower (at the ends of the platform), passing through an intermediate tower and that in a minimum number of moves.

However you have to respect some rules in performing the movements:

  • You can only move one disk at a time

  • You cannot place a disk on top of a smaller disk

  • You can move one disk over the platform.

The mathematical problem of the Tower of Hanoi was published in the magazine Récréations mathématiques after Édouard Lucas have died. It is easy to show by induction that, being n the number of disks on the platform, at least 2^n-1 movements are necessary to achieve the goal of the game.

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Click to select one disk then click on the tower to move the disk to this tower.