How it all started

Take walk on the wild side at Art by EMK

With the talented Basma Hameed

Growing up, I started drawing as an outlet and a way to extract all my state of mind. My specialty was drawing faces. I can't remember the first time I noticed this beautiful talent, but I knew that my attention to fine detail came naturally. I never thought this skill would lead me to micropigmentation. Being a micropigmentation specialist means a lot of things to me; It means being an artist. Having some artistic abilities is useful in this field. You have to have some type of god given talent that you can build a base upon.

As a perfectionist, I love using my creative and artistic abilities to enhance a client's natural beauty. A beautiful work can boost a client's confidence, and in some cases dramatically change their quality of life. Sharing a client's joy when they see the transformation for the first time is truly a fantastic feeling.

In achieving this, accuracy is important; there are two aspects to this - firstly with your work - to be able to produce neat and precise work and secondly being being able to communicate effectively. Asking questions and being able to fully appreciate your customer' expectations is essential.

Both aspects are supported and covered if you undertake trainings with Basma Hameed (Founder of Scar-tattooing business). They provide encouragement and support in your work, in teaching techniques and methods by which you learn to achieve accurate results from every treatment. All the trainings involves theoretical and practical work; offering a system which uses 'live' models; vital in order for you to experience first-hand work on 'real people', fully supervised under a controlled and safe environment.

Using micropigmentation methods is a challenging and rewarding career and I've come a long way since my initial trainings since 2017.

Greetings, Esmeralda M Kelly