You have...powerful words. Your thoughts are intense, impressive, and make succinct statements of emotion. The intensity flows..I think you have a good expressive handle on human feelings about your subjects. ...There are currents of existential matters your poems reflect upon - love, loss, human relationships, strange places, insecurity etc.

-Writer Chris Collins

Definitely a shining star This collection of poetry by Elena Botts is a wonderful work of words. The words almost float across the page. I enjoyed reading this collection, and entering the mind of this prolific poetress. Such a wonderful read. My favorite was "here is a small poem" which is short but definitely shows the reader the mindful thoughts of the poet. "here is a small poem just to say that sometimes the world is radiant in sunlight, but somedays the sky dresses in shades of grey and there is nothing so inspiring as a rainy day." I liked this collection so much, I read many of the poems twice. I am definitely a fan of Bott's poetry and insightful perspective on the world. I look forward to reading more by this author. This book is a definite recommendation

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer

for "forgotten stars"

5 Stars. Simply elegant. This collection of poetry by Botts is a remarkable work of words. Forgotten Stars is one of those books of emotions and prose that paint across the page. I enjoyed reading this collection, and entering the mind of this prolific poetess. Such a wonderful read. My favorite was "And the lights go out in the middle of the night," which starts with "don't. everyone is. i think gone even without a word. i live in a ghost town wandering through memory for rainy eternity. a dream that girl led for a briefest spell but all is done now, one drenching anonymous day and spirits reclaim it all." I liked this so much, I read many of the poems twice. I look forward to reading more poetry by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer

From the semi-mythical king Ozymandias to aspiring viral video producer, we all hope not to be forgotten. But if that is our inevitable fate, what does it mean to embrace i? Poet Elena Botts dives deep into the existential maelstrom that is the sound and fury of human existence. She gazes unflinchingly at the hard realties of what it mans to strive, love, and lose in a world where tomorrow is never the same as today, and nothing is destined to last. Come to these verses and in them, forget yourself for a time. Discover what can be remembered in that forgetting.

-Verbaleyez Magazine

Beautiful collection. Botts pens a beautiful collection of poetry and verse in Or Anything. I am very fond of Botts's poetry and how the words paint the pages, sharing the poetess’s inner thoughts and feelings. One of my favorite is "her name means the ocean" and she writes "[...] here my ashes will go, down the deep wide river, (i miss her.), i am glad you have your unblinking, still, thinking, interiority, or that the weeds have been fastened, to struts so they might grow [...]" Well written and thankfully shared. I look forward to reading more by this author. This read is definitely recommended by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer

for "show me something i cannot even think of"

" In poet, Elena Botts’ latest collection of poems, Show Me Something You Cannot Even Think Of, it is clear, that once more, we see a working poet taking risks with phrases and ideas, lending to a stream of consciousness, directed towards an unnamed reader, who may be privy to the poet’s thoughts, whether written or spoken.

In the opening poem, i am still sitting here,” the narrator will, “… listen in that shadow.” Showing the contrast between sight and sound; dark and light. “where have the dreams taken these dreamers”, which is a rhetorical question, seeming to permeate Botts’ work.

Often, the reader is taken by surprise, which reminds of part of a Keats’ maxim, “Poetry should surprise by a fine excess…”as with the ending of “the inexpressible joy of being alone; virgin forest reborn,” whereby, because of Time, we can be: “just another body floating down the river.”

In July 30, a compact, and terse poem, we see, once again, the contrasts between, wild nature and the prop of a room in a house, wherein the narrator suggests they are “the ghost never meant to haunt any of you,” yet, is clearly speaking to ghosts, who indeed haunt the omniscient narrator.

In the tiny poem, the autumn field crickets, Botts’ philosophies, and themes dominate; perceived as more than a witness, in her highly original poems, which continue to beckon the reader. Botts “took the song out of the night sky,” blending light and dark, to create a landscape, sometimes gothic and bleak; in other moments tender and personal, infused with the deft colors and sensual nuances of an impassioned poet with a future in letters ahead of her."

-Robert Milby, Hudson Valley New York poet, Poet Laureate

"5 Stars. Remarkable Collection. Botts pens a remarkable collection of verse and poetry in story in Show me something you cannot even think of. I forward to reading more by this poet. I've read each one more than once, and one of the ones I kept coming back to, and I can't explain it, is "The autumn field crickets." There is just something about how the words flow, and even though it starts out, "but you are dead and not funeral," it moves forward and gracefully with its words. I will always read whatever Botts pens to paper. Remarkable collection, indeed."

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer

for “devoted”

“I enjoy reading poetry, and have read Botts' poetry in the past. As in the past, I was not disappointed with her magical use of words to paint a picture but also show the reader the emotions behind the words. Each poem flowed gracefully with its intended prose. I was drawn to the poem "Marigold," and then I continued on, but returned to that poem. "younger than a feeling could awaken me into the densest blossom fold..." And I continued again. A grand collection of works by a very talented poet.”

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer

"the dynamism of your imagery powerfully combines tenderness with ferocity"

-Sydney March, English and Creative Writing Instructor & Literary Review Editor

for "epochs of morning light"

"In poet and artist Elena Botts’ new poetry collection: Epochs of Morning Light, we see a shimmering, variegated new voice; we hear: “where the trees still talk to each other, and winter feels like a song...” (from When I have died we will be here). We feel the weather of her emotions; a contract with the ethereal and the visceral, as when we stand within the short but large poem: blossoms back to under the earth: “I felt your ghost move through me out past the Baltic as though you had been in my heart the whole time.” In this sensual canvas, beauty never suffers from loneliness, nor the sublime.

Each poem herein as Botts wanders memory and weaves tapestries of word worlds, reveals a true and original voice in modern poetry: allowing light to conquer darkness; darkness to defy the estate of the sun, and colors mixed in ways only an artist of the pen could fathom.

If the poems in this collection defy conventional perception, they do so with feathered prophecy and wisdom that seems anachronistic for one so young! Often, in modern poetry, pathology is glorified as if suffering is not universal in this troubled age. Botts surpasses longing and allows her reader to hike with her through urban gardens of people, and countryside, wherein their voices and afterimage are more than memory, but nearly a spiritual offering."

-Robert Milby, Poet Laureate

"Incredible songs of the heart. Botts is very well versed in poetry, and it brings a great flow to her feelings and emotions as she pens them in grand prose. The poems are deep within her heart, almost soulful, and she paints with words, flowing with a strong vibrant voice. My favorite poem was the title poem "Epochs" as she writes "the earth is undone as the sky deepens into the real color." Her voice is heard through the softest murmuring yet brilliant words. 5 Stars."

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer

for “the sadness of the snow”

“What’s remarkable about Elena Botts is not necessarily that she’s 20 years old and writing such ambitious and impactful verse but rather that her abstraction is of the rare warm and lyrical sort even in such icy climates. In this collection, Botts examines the fractures of light and the dissolves of winter for evidence of beauty and life. What we’re left with in the afterglow of her mining is a sense that the season for and the voice of this inventive young poet are forever ageless.”

-Alan Semerdjian, poet, musician & educator

“Elena Botts, a winner of the 2013 Jacklyn Potter Young Poets award, in her second published volume of poetry “The Sadness of Snow,” has given us a work that is replete with intense sensitivity and a fertile imagination. Her poems are rich in dynamic imagery which she manipulates with dexterity and evocative tenderness. They explore a vast palette of colors and the entire keyboard of human emotions. Hers is a desolate, sincere meditation and vision of the world, love and nature. But embedded in her shadows are striking moments of luminosity, hope and haunting lyricism. In the poem titled “the story of how you lost all faith in yourself” she makes gorgeous music: it snowed once in Berlin in the springtime when every island was supposed to have meaning especially the island of peacocks but more so the isle of belles you took the train but never got off… The prose poems that form a large portion of this volume possess an interior strength and facilitate the exploration of varied rhythms and richly suggestive metaphors. Finally, for Ms. Botts, her art is a compulsion. In her poem “analogies” she writes: “being is like a song if you like to sing and do it well but only when you are in a room by yourself and not/ expecting anybody nor even trying to pass the time.” It is most comforting to discover this bold and vibrant new voice, a voice that we hope will continue singing for herself and for us.”

-Sydney March, Writing Instructor & Literary Magazine Editor

"A beautiful book of poetry"

-Photographer/Blogger Annika Bohn

"5 Stars. Remarkable collection. This collection of poetry by Elena is a remarkable work of words. The words almost flow across the page. I enjoyed reading this collection, and entering the mind of this prolific poet. Such a wonderful read. My favorite was "before the fall" which starts with "the sky in a lilac rose before it falls, scatter the winter trees..." I liked this collection so much, I read many of the poems twice. I am a big fan of Bott's poetry and her way she paints with words. Her insight, emotions and perspective not only tell the reader, but show the reader. I look forward to reading more by this poet. This book is a definite recommendation."

- from Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer (site)

for “we’ll beachcomb for their broken bones”

“Elena’s poems are impressively striking. I’m hoping I will someday meet his young lady who appears to breathe poetry from every pore. I was thoroughly moved by her mature handling of deeply complex themes, her masterful command of language, and the sheer emotional impact of her poetic expressions.”

—Sydney March, award-winning poet, essayist, and musician

"5 Stars Grand Collection This collection of poetry and innovative thinking by Botts. We'll beachcomb for their broken bones is a grand work of words. I enjoyed reading this collection, and entering the mind of this prolific poet. Such a wonderful read. My favorite was "Fly" which starts with "One day, his features will shatter but the pieces won't fall to earth they'll float up..." The title really drew me in as it was interesting and I wasn't sure what the poetry would entail, but it is such a work of imagery and perception of the world, of life, and it's a magnificent read. If you're a poetry fan, you don't need to just read the classics, Botts' poetry is also a work of art, and classic in its own right. I look forward to reading more by this author. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews."

-Amy Shannon, Writer & Book Reviewer (site)

Many years ago I listened to a mystical twilight album by Jane Siberry during a particularly late college (nearly) all-nighter at a the home of a college buddy. Siberry’s lyrics were fresh and unmanaged, like clean crisp unfolded laundry. Between the fabric of those words were voids, spaces, and the yearning texture of longing in the poet’s voice. I sat in the wee hours in my friend’s home listening to Siberry’s peculiar songs and absorbing a landscape solitude that lived by its own pressing and elusive logic. I was returning to a strange new home. This collection has some of those same qualities.

Language, much like dance, has a way of being reinvented, when an artist is trying to get at something that doesn’t convey under the familiar syntax. It’s an ongoing liberation and it’s hard won. elena botts is finding that rough, unsettled music in her works with all of the unsteadiness and brokenness of 21st century promises that litter our sidewalks, schoolyards and oceans. We live in unsettled times and some poets bring a hand-held camera by choice, words and ideas jerking in and out of focus, interrupting each other while somehow the music of the extended shot holds.


“…how the backyards of childhood, yesterdays like

little dogs that ran away

from home, close into the butterfly

glances and simple reenactments

of your freckled sideways glances

swinging and swinging under the canopy of spring, brewing nostalgia until the trees prematurely bend,

as if the blood in our arteries

were an afterthought in the so, nearly tragic underlying stillness…”

Let your ears absorb some of the logic here. Listen to the jagged stops and starts and allow these works to neither comfort nor perplex you. They are a dialect with built-in contradictions, blind spots and double backs. We need this: to be sent out into the danger of not knowing while we return to the sensing. Every new generation must get us there with a new and troubling orchestration. Read these pieces three times. Once with the “rational” on pause. Again for the music. And the third time because good things come in threes … except when we expect them to.

Don’t let these works meet your expectations, they are better than that and naturally resistant.

—Lucas Smiraldo, Poet Laureate

for “a little luminescence”

“High school is not too early to be writing poetry that can be valued as literature. That is what elena botts’ book, a little luminescence, is. Marvel at this girl’s excitingly original imagistic language—moon washed up / in light-seeped sunrise /a gleaming shell on celestial shore; her delicacy with words like those describing love that moves through / the everyday / never mentioned / coming along beside us / silently; and her spiritual awareness—notes of a soul / in this breathing body resounding.”

—Maxwell Corydon Wheat Jr., Poet Laureate


"Internet label NoiseUp presents new album of sound collage project the unknown sound collective from the USA. The unknown sound collective is a music collective formed of collaborations between mourning dove (elena botts) and other artists. The first records available on the official pages date back to 2017. At the moment mourning dove has 6 releases made in the styles of experimental music using various musical instruments. The new work is called "it has already been said" and is made in a combination of percussion industrial, musique concrete and spoken words with ethereal and dark ambient elements. Collaborators jo/watergarden, alex/moon fruit, noa, evan/salt/geffan/ruby kraut, and danielle also took part in the album, giving the music even more experimentalism, atmosphere and charm. The three compositions opening the album are just a prelude to the 40-minute mystical opus completing the album. "it has already been said" will be released on November 13th for free download on the official NoiseUp website and on the Bandcamp page of the label. Noise the world!"

-NoiseUp & SynthUp music blogs

"The Unknown Sound Collective & Mourning Dove – 15 albums in one year! New York artist Mourning Dove is super virtuosic releasing so much music, all super original, passionate, and absorbent of environment! Most sounds come from her voice creating ambient, melodic, and meditative beautiful music. I’m super excited to be touring with her this summer and really hope she gets known! 15 fucking albums in 1 year!"

-Boston Hassle, a Brain Arts Organization music blog

" an accomplished and promising young artist who has something meaningful to say"


"What a legacy!"


"I love what you're doing"

-Composer Elliot Cole

"Truly sounds haunting, with ghostly but sonorous voices"

-Ann Millard (artist)

"This is great."

-Dumphop (musician)

"Lovely footage, the music the better and better!"

-Risteard O Deorian (musician)

"Such a power house."

-qrs-281 (musician)

Interviews: Water Forest Press, Allbook-Books, and Poetry/Fiction International, featured on Jaded Ibis Press blog, Takoma Radio: Musical Remedies with Night Nurse, blog article for Bacopa Literary Review