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Issue No. 64 | Date: March 18, 2021

Local Success Stories from GEG

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GEG Gyeonggi Reboot 2021

GEG Gyeonggi is doo-, doo-, doing what?! The group of Googley educators in GEG Gyeonggi has been super busy with meetings, planning and an inspiring event that included a new version of a popular song, “Baby Shark”. On Saturday, February 27, GEG Gyeonggi held the Reboot 2021 titled S.O.S.(Show Our Soul).

The leaders, Judy Kim, Inchul Kim, and Juyoung Kim, started the evening by briefly summarizing and then sharing future plants. A lot had been done since the first official meet-up on the 19th of December, 2019. The trio described what we will be doing this year. Then, they gave ways for the audience to connect with useful tools to support educators. All the sessions were presented in both Korean and English by leaders and captains and will be available online.

Inspiring and Learning are two of the areas that Google Educators and dedicated to improving for other educators. GEG-Gyeonggi (GEG-GG) asked captains to lead sessions to help participants understand the tools that can help in the classroom. Inspire Captains Yuri Kim and James Rush delivered an instructional session on how to add voice notes onto Google docs and slides. Using a voice note has proven to be useful for language lessons because it is fast, friendly, and flexible. After that first session, Learn Captains Dong-hyuk Jang and Serio Rangel introduced the many creative ways to use google slides. For example, it is engaging and fairly simple to make creative images and make games. An especially fun part of the evening was the exchange between these two friends as they politely called each other ‘Hyeong (brother) and Ssam (teacher).’

More than 50 members participated in the 2-hour long online meet-up on Saturday evening. They gave reviews about the content, the delivery, and remarked on the presenters overall. A couple of the comments included:

‘It was really impressive to use both languages all the teachers even to pursue more inclusive’

‘Not only a lot of good tips of Google tools but passion and vive made people to join the GEG community and learn more about Google for Education.’

Event photos here

(Thanks to Jungeun Judy Kim for the write up!)

GEG Daegu - HOW TO for your new school year with Google!

GEG Daegu, South Korea made time via Google Meet to talk with teachers who will use Google's various tools for the new school year in Korea. After using Google Forms in advance to research the challenges that teachers have, GEG Daegu prepared a session to suggest ways to solve these problems.

Specifically, the teachers who are about to start the new semester mainly face challenges planning in advance for blended learning with students.

In addition, we had time to think about the problems of teachers who came in in real time. GEG Daegu planned this event in order to share what teachers wanted to learn rather than what just what GEG Daegu wanted to teach. All teachers who participated late at night had great in-depth conversations on the use of Google.

Not only the GEG Daegu leaders and captains team who organized the event, but also the teachers who joined us had a really great time!

(Thanks to Hyojin Jun for the write up!)

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Opportunity! Bring climate change reality to students using Cloud to Classroom

Join us on March 22 PST as we hear from our very special guest, Liza Goldberg. Liza developed Google Earth Engine Apps for Cloud to Classroom (, a joint project of Google Earth, National Geographic, and NASA to put satellite data in the hands of the world.

Image credit: DOE Sustainability

In this free webinar, Liza will talk about remote sensing analysis and Cloud to Classroom (with a demonstration) and its application to classroom activities.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to create engaging classroom activities or what kind of activities can be helpful for students to understand global environmental changes, don’t miss this event!

Participants will be able to get ideas on how to create engaging classroom activities or what kind of activities can be helpful for students to understand global environmental changes.

Register here:

Google Career Certificates

The new Google Career Certificates are here!

Google Career Certificates have been designed by Grow with Google to create opportunities for everyone.

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