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Issue No. 57 | Date: November 6, 2020

Local Success Stories from GEG

As we move into the next term, we do hope that you have taken the half term break to take some time for yourself and recharge your batteries for the run-up to holiday festivals around the world: Dia de los muertos, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas to name a few. How will you be celebrating and sharing your stories? What exciting ways will you be using Google Tools to explore these themes?

Take an inside look at Hispanic Heritage Month at Google with stories from the team:

Congratulations to our Trainers of the Month for November

Krista Welz (North America)

Member of GEG New Jersey and GEG Global

Najeeb Abdulhamid (Nigeria)

Member of GEG Global and GEG Dutse

GEG Leadership

Leading your GEGs

How has joining a GEG impacted you?

Google asked a simple question and many of you responded. Leaders have talked widely about expanding their PLNs, friendships, and memberships, and about learning new skills to take into the classroom. It was great to see so many positive posts.

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

GEG Ahmedabad

GEG Ahmedabad was launched on October 4, 2020. 46 guests joined Reshma Honap, Ms. Sangita Gulati, Abid Patel - Global GEG and a video message from Stephanie Rothstein from Global GEG.

Dr. Vishal Varia - Leader GEG Ahmedabad, announced the launch, followed by objectives of GEGs and work pattern for GEG Ahmedabad.

Dhruvil Mehta - Co-Leader of GEG Ahmedabad also joined the event.

GEG Ahmedabad is the First GEG of Gujarat - India and will cater to the regional needs of the educators.

Pls connect with GEG Ahmedabad with the following media:

1. Twitter:

2. FB Page:

3. FB Group:

4. WA Group:

5. YouTube Channel:

6. Google Groups:

To join GEG Ahmedabad, fill in the Registration form below


GEG Delhi NCR was formally launched on October 17, 2020 in an hour-long session live on YouTube. We were honored to have Ms Bani P Dhawan , Head of Education , South Asia , Google deliver the keynote. The dynamic team with Ms Sangeeta Gulati- Leader, Ms Sanchita Ghosh - Co Leader and Share Captain, Ms Roopali Arora- Learn Captain, Ms Vibha Puri- Empower Captain were introduced to the audience.An overview of GSuite for Education was given by Roopali and Vibha showcased features of Jamboard. To get the attendees to engage and experience Jamboard, we shared a Jamboard to collaborate and hear their views. Our Share Captain, Sanchita conducted a round table conference to get our views on how we integrate technology in our classrooms.

We are excited to start this journey with this fantastic launch.

The recording of the session is available at this link

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities


5 components of the 5E instructional model are well supported by G Suite Edu apps. This session brings you a brief glimpse of tech integration in planning for ensuring active learning.

9 Chromebook and G Suite for Education features to make learning more accessible

If you haven’t kept up to date with G Suite and Chromebooks' accessibility features, then here is a summary. Read the article by Kara Booker for full details.

1. More colors for cursors on Chromebooks

2. Select-to-speak and ChromeVox improvements

3. Accessible test-taking for students on Chromebooks

4. More support for braille in Google Docs

5. Live captioning in Google Meet

6. Smart to do's in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

7. Work hands-free in G Suite for Education

8. Closed captions in Google Slides

9. Live edits in Google Docs