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Issue No. 54 | Date: September 25, 2020

Local Success Stories from GEG

Thank you all for your amazing work. We know you are super busy, but when you have a few minutes, please use this Form to send in a 200-300 word write up, celebrating any event you are particularly proud of, adding a screenshot or photo. GEG leaders, if you are supporting new GEGs to launch please ensure they know about this form (It’s pinned in the GEG Program Twitter account) We can then all celebrate your successes together in the newsletter.

Trainers of the Month - Congratulations to you both

J.D. Williams (NA)

GEG Arizona leader

Brian Host (Australia) -

Member of GEG Mid North Coast & GEG Global

Welcome to the new GEGs

These new GEGs would welcome some followers so please help them out where you can:

GEG Querétaro @GEGQueretaro and GEG Jaguare @GEGJaguare both joined Twitter in August 2020 so please support them.

Montana goes Google

The GEG Montana leadership team is focusing on supporting educators, students, and families through professional development, collaboration, and sharing Google Educational tools. If you would like to join the new Google Group please send a request to and you may also follow GEG Montana on Twitter @MontanaGeg. GEG Montana is preparing for their launch later this Fall so be sure to follow all the excitement!

Introducing GEG Mentors for Brazil

GEG Brazil proudly announces 8 GEG Mentors for the region: Giuliano Paulino Coan (GEG Americana), Raphael Mota (GEG Duque de Caxias), Diogo Mendes (GEG Ijuí), Paulo Henrique Sousa (GEG Uberaba), Rafael Vasconcelos (GEG Florianópolis), Graziela München (GEG Joinville), Ana Laura Queiroz (GEG Joinville) and Eduardo Souza (GEG Monte Carmelo). They are already supporting new and experienced leaders within the program. Mentors, thanks for your dedication to the GEG community!

GEG Mandaluyong Relaunch

GEG Mandaluyong, formed in February 21, 2015, recently relaunched its community with the support of the Mandaluyong District in the Philippines. The group introduced its leaders and core members. They also shared how teachers can join the community @GEGMandaluyong

The recorded livestream can be watched here:

GEG Events

Bring your community together to collaborate

GEGMichigan is proud to present the

GEG Games of October 2020!

Submissions are due by October 16, 2020! The SLAM will occur be between October 19 - October 23, 2020 During the SLAM you will get your chance to enjoy lots of short, quality videos while voting for your favourites. Four finalists will be chosen to compete in a Final Four Slam! The winner will win ultimate bragging rights as well as some goodies.

Entry form:

GEG SoCal Book Study Twitter Chat

GEG SoCal hosted a Twitter Chat Book Study the entire month of September. We read and chatted about The Distance Learning Playbook by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Hattie. Each Tuesday for one hour we are chatted about different modules and our interpretation of the book for distance learning. Catch up on our chat using the #DLPlaybook.

GEG SoCal Hosted a Collaboration Mini-Series

During the month of August, GEG SoCal hosted a month long mini-series focused on collaboration in a digital classroom. We shared the purpose behind collaboration, how to monitor collaboration, and left teachers thinking about their own definition of collaboration in a virtual setting. Each week we introduced new GSFE tools for collaboration in the classroom.

GEG Brazil On Air #25

Enhancing blended learning with Google for Education tools was the subject of the 25th GEG On Air. Giuliano Paulino (GEG Americana Leader, GEG Mentor and Google Trainer), Gilmara dos Santos (GEG Joinville Leader) and Rafael Vasconcelos (GEG Florianópolis Leader, GEG Mentor, Google Trainer and Google Innovator) shared their experiences and suggestions regarding Rotational Model, Studying with different platforms to explore new opportunities and prototyping. You can watch it on demand here and have access to all detailed content in this shared doc.

Thanks to everyone involved, including GEG Leaders that organized the meeting notes for this session: Auderlânia Dias (GEG Lavras de Mangabeira), Dilce Vicente (GEG Santo Antônio da Patrulha) and Camila Schwarzer (GEG Porto União).

G Suite for Edu - A boon during Pandemic times

The past 5 plus months have been a very difficult period for everyone including schools all over the world. But, in spite of the difficulties, teachers have reached their students through online connectivity. They tried all possible means and tools to teach their children including: Whatsapp, Google Classroom and Meet. The comfort, ease and completeness they found in GSuite Account for Education was not anywhere else. During this period, I undertook responsibility of setting up GSuite Accounts for a number of schools from Delhi-NCR, BulandShahr and Agra and was successful in fully fledged implementation in eight schools. I conducted GSuite Administrators training and Google Tools training for many teachers. Now, these teachers make use of Google Classroom for posting Quiz, Assignments and Materials along with day to day live classes on meet. Teachers are also exchanging best practices meets, conducting Parent Teacher Meetings, departmental meetings, organising inter/intra-school events etc. using this platform. GSuite has actually provided all possible tools to conduct everything virtually including teaching of yoga, music and dance.

GEG Learn

Individual professional development opportunities

Drive trash to delete after 30 days from October 13

This is an update that you really must make sure your members are aware of. We have been used to Drive files remaining indefinitely in the Bin, but this changes on October 13, 2020. From that date files added to the bin will be deleted after 30 calendar days in the same ways as GMail. Files that are in the bin before October 13, 2020 will be deleted 30 calendar days after.

Seminar: Conexão Nordeste

The seminar Conexão Nordeste (October 6 - 8, 2020) is led by GEG communities in the Northeast of Brazil in partnership with UFRB - Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia. The objective of this event is to empower and value the northeast culture within education; the main theme is “A journey through northeast culture with digital and analogical tools” and the idea is to present pedagogical activities and digital tools within the classroom. The full agenda and registration details are available in the website of the event:

Lo que la pandemia nos dejó - What the Pandemic left us

@GEGBuenosAires will host "Lo que la pandemia nos dejó" in which along with some awesome #VIA20 Innovators we are going to reflect and share what we learnt with COVID-19 to keep in our teacher's toolkit.

October 10, 2020, 2pm ET, 11am PT.

Register -

See up to 49 people in Meet

This feature is only available in Meet on the web. By default, the maximum number of tiles you’ll see in auto layouts is 9, and in tiled layouts is 16.

You’ll also be able to use a slider to adjust the number of tiles you see. You may want to increase the maximum when you have a large group, or reduce the number of tiles if you have a weak internet connection. Note that the slider adjustments are specific to each meeting, it will reset between each meeting and you can then customize each time. You may also see fewer tiles depending on your window size, as the tiles available will adjust to fit your screen.

These features will be OFF by default. To change your layout, go to Settings > Change layout. Visit our Help Center to learn how to see yourself in a meeting.

GEG Sweden's Google Anywhere School

GEG Sweden’s "Google Anywhere School" summary in Swedish (with English CC), is now available to view on their YouTube channel.