Google Educator Groups

Welcome to the Google Educator Group Portal. All the information here will provide everything you need in order to join an event and connect with a GEG leader.

You can also follow us on Twitter @GEGProgram.

Please visit the GEG communities page to join an existing GEG. Alternatively browse the list of events below to find something near you (or in a timezone near you!).

If there is no existing GEG in your region, and you are an educator and would like to start one, please first join a GEG that's in a city or country close to you and engage with that GEG leader and members. It is important to understand the commitment and what is needed to grow a successful GEG.

When you are ready to set up your GEG, please ask the existing leader to nominate you so that you can receive an official application from Google (reviewed on a weekly basis).

GEG Event Listings!

The table below is ready for GEGs to submit events! Have a GEG event to share and announce? Ask your GEG Leader to list it here. Please submit your future events via this Form. (only submit once thanks!)

(Please note table is best viewed on desktop)