Brand Guidelines

Please read carefully the Google branding guidelines to better understand how to use the GEG logo (below).

Please note we highly encourage you NOT to use the Google logo but rather the GEG brand when creating materials for your meet-ups or your groups. This way it is clear to the rest of the world that this is a GEG event and not a Google hosted event. You can see how that may be confusing if you use the Google logo :).

In addition, GEG branding is only for promoting your GEG group and events, you cannot use the GEG branding to create business cards.

Please also review the Schools Going Google Branding guidelines (below). Although these guidelines use the Google for Education logo, you can apply the same guidelines when using the GEG logo.

You can find workshop related materials in the Events in a Box section of this site. Additionally, feel free to create your own posters, pop-ups, t-shirt designs etc. to share with other GEGs by sharing on the Cloud Connect Community.

Complete GEG Logo files are available from the Share > Leading A Community Page. To build your customized GEG logo please use the editable chapter logos found here.

Google Educator Group Badges

Find our GEG Brand Files

Please see the below for the GEG branding files.

To create your personalized GEG Logo with your GEG name use the 'GEG Personalize logo'

Please note, these files are only accessible to GEG Leaders

GEG Logo Files

GEG Captain/Leader/Mentor Badges

GEG Workshop Files

Helpful Branding Guidelines