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Can there be more than one GEG leader?

Where existing GEGs have more than one leader, there is no need to change that. For GEG leaders who are looking for support in leading and growing a GEG we encourage you to add GEG captains. However, GEG leaders should ultimately find the structure that best suits the needs of them and their community.

Please note that certain opportunities may be limited to one leader and/or captains.

Find out more via Leadership Page

What is the difference between a GEG co-leader and a GEG Captain?

Co-leaders take on the same overall responsibility of a GEG leader. GEG Captains have specific responsibilities for posting to the community, organising events or managing learning opportunities for members to get certified.

I am a co-leader, do I need to become a captain?

No, we are not looking for existing successful structures to change. We have identified that leadership and capacity to lead are challenges to a large number of GEGs around the world. The new leadership structure is designed to help those GEGs grow leadership capacity. If you are a co-leader, thanks for your hard work and keep it up!

How do I select GEG Captains?

Initially, GEG leaders will select their GEG Captains. If you need guidance, follow the link to the leadership page where we provide a process you can follow. GEG Captains may be members already sharing regularly and running events, or you may know motivated Google using educators who are great at inspiring, empowering and sharing. Get them in the community and let them lead with you.

How can I become a GEG Mentor?

GEG mentors are chosen from existing GEG leaders to mentor other leaders in their region. Where GEGs have a main group with subgroups, this can help coordination. Also, where there are several GEGs in a country, district or region a GEG Mentor can be a single point of contact to liaise with GEG leaders and Google to facilitate great community sharing and events.

How do I pass on the GEG leader role?

If you have someone in mind, you can nominate them to become a co-leader of the community. If you don't have someone in mind you can ask your membership if they are interested. If you find a successor you can nominate them.

Where do I record our GEG activity?

All activity is recorded by GEG Leaders and Co-Leaders via the Edu Activity App. Access to the Edu Activity App is via the email we have associated with you as a GEG Leader.

How can I get others to help me?

If you are leading a GEG community where you struggle for support, there are a few options. Have you tried appointing GEG Captains with specific roles? Are there any potential co-leaders you can nominate to support you?

How many events do we need to have each year?

GEG's are varied sizes and geographical contexts so we understand events may take many different forms. However, we require GEG Leaders to report one event per quarter (approximately every 90 days). Events can be GEG coffee shop meetups to day long events.

What happens if I become inactive?

An inactive GEG Leader will no longer be the official leader of their community, though they may still get communications. Where co-leaders are in place, they will continue the GEG community. If there are no other leaders to take over and the community is inactive, it will be removed from the directory. If another leader is nominated in the future, it can be re-instated.

How can I get support for our GEG event?

There are published events in a box via the GEG Leader Portal that GEG Leaders, Mentors and Captains can use at any point.

I don't have access to the Edu Activity App!

Access to the Edu Activity App is via the account associated with your GEG Leader status. Make sure you are trying to access it with the same account you use for access to this site. If you are still having problems please get in touch.

We don't have good internet connection, how can I hold an event?

Events don't have to be on devices. Why not try meeting locally for a discussion or at an education event you know a group of GEG members are attending. Alternatively you can post YouTube Live links to the community over the course of a week event on a topic. Then people can watch, and comment over the week, when they are in a place with better connectivity.

How can I engage the community?

The GEG Leader newsletter has content to share and showcases other GEG leaders and events that can help you engage the community.

Can I use a Twitter or Facebook platform for my GEG?

Of course, go to where your audience is. Please try to link back from those platforms to the Site or Google Group. All other social media used for your GEG should adhere to the guidelines on the Leader Portal.

Who can nominate a new GEG leader for a new GEG community?

GEG Leaders can nominate new GEG Leaders for new communities using this form. Nominations can also come from Google for Education (GfE) Partners, Innovators or Trainers.

Is a GEG an organization, formally?

We don't have plans for that. A GEG is an informal community. Also, GEG is independent of Google and each group acts on its own. Google supports GEG’s goal of promoting the use of technology in education and may provide support for some GEG events.

As a GEG Leader, how can I access and update my contact information or other information about me that I submitted to become a leader?

Access the Edu Activity App using your previous email to update your profile and to change contact details. If for any reason you cannot access to Edu Activity App to change contact details please email us and we can help get them changed for you but this may take longer than changing on the App.

My GEG is in the wrong place on the Teacher Center Community map!

Thanks for checking! If your location pin is not in the correct place, please fill out the form to have it updated.

My GEG is not on the Teacher Center Map!

All active GEGs should be listed so it might be that your GEG is listed as inactive. This could happen if you have not recorded activity in the Edu Activity App. Please check if you are active and also complete the location update form linked here so we can make sure it is added if you are active.