Taskopdracht 3TL

Goal: You can write an interview with a famous person about his/her past, present and future and answer the questions correctly.

Succescriteria - When is this task a success?

  1. Ik heb 15 open en gevarieerde vragen in hele zinnen geformuleerd.
  2. Ik heb in mijn vragen en antwoorden de werkwoorden in de goede tijd gezet.
  3. Ik heb in mijn vragen en antwoorden de correcte woordvolgorde gebruikt.
  4. Ik heb in mijn vragen en antwoorden de voorzetsels in, at, on & by goed gebruikt.
  5. Ik heb de woorden goed gespeld.
  6. Ik heb correcte interpunctie gebruikt in mijn vragen en antwoorden.
  7. Ik heb mijn interview overzichtelijk vormgegeven


Think of a celebrity that you admire. This could be a politician, actor, singer or perhaps even a YouTuber. You’re going to dive into that person’s past, present and future and draw up an interview.

Step 1: Start by doing research into that person’s life. Find three useful websites on which you can base your answers. Take as many notes as you can about the celebrity.

Step 2: Based on the information you found, write down up 15 open questions. 5 about his / her past, 5 about his / her present and 5 about his / her future.

Step 3: Based on the information you found on the websites, answer the questions. Make sure you write these answers in your own words!

Note: if you don’t have enough information ready you can use your imagination!

Step 4: Check your interview on the success criteria we thought of together.

Step 5: Ask and give feedback twice.

Step 6: Write final version