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Welcome to the Council Rock South's Amateur Radio Club! This club is open to all 9th-12th graders! The club covers many areas including radio communication, space, engineering and works closely with ARISS and the Warminster Radio Club.

Almost every human has looked to the sky, looked to the dark pool of stars and planets and thought- “What truly is it like to be up there?”. Inevitably, we all have questions about the great beyond that is space, and what it must be like in the day in the life of an astronaut. With questions galore, the Amateur Radio Club at Council Rock South comes into play. A club ran through the ARISS program as well as NASA, the Amateur Radio Club lets students experience the excitement of talking directly with crew members of the International Space Station, inspiring them to pursue interests in careers in science, technology, engineering and math, and engaging them with radio science technology through amateur radio. And in a few months, the wonderment of wonder what lies above the clouds might just get some answers

-Peyton Brillhart

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For questions or if you want to join, email Matthew Floyd:

Our club coordinator is the legendary Mr. Fetter, who can be found in the room A37 or emailed at:

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