In December 4,1973 we have the first recorded correspondence from ASSA on how to become a bred recognized club by holding informal meetings to see if there was enough interest was in the area. (those first few meetings were ONLY Grace Tullar and Judy Hill (Brown-Kelsey) We had to hold two successful “B” sanction matches and then we could apply for the first of two successful “A” sanctioned matches.

On May 14, 1974 the first letter was written to AKC to announce the newly formed “Central New York Shetland Sheepdog Club” held its first fun match at Mercer Park, Baldwinsville, NY on April 21, 1974. The judges were Breed: Mrs. Sandra Macintosh, Obedience: Mr. James Grimm and Junior Handling: Mr. Betty Socie. There were 38 entries in breed and 12 in obedience at $1.00 per entry. There was also 14 in Junior Handling.

On May 13, 1976 is recorded the first request to AKC on the procedure to become a sanctioned. The club had already been having regular meeting for three years prior and and has held their sixth fun match at the North Syracuse Community Center in North Syracuse, NY.

The first by-laws were written by the club and submitted to AKC for review. In June of 1977 AKC wrote the declining of the review on the basis that an application had to be submitted to make the determination of their committees to be a club of record. Along with this application was to be a list of three of four names for the club in the order of preference so they AKC could choose the name that would be most suitable under their present policies.