Hundreds of pets cared for!!

  • Seven years in veterinary kennel care (we are not certified in veterinary or vet tech practices and cannot give medical advice)
  • 15 years of in-home "hobby sitting" prior to taking on the title of professional pet sitter!
  • Three years in specialty pet retail, with a focus on educating pet parents about proper nutrition.
  • Two years as a former volunteer for The Perch parrot cafe and adoption center.

Emergency Preparedness Training

  • Trained in Pet First Aid and CPR, and completion of PetSaver course through PetTech
  • Attendance of lectures related to avian wellness and first aid.

Business and Liability Coverage

  • Liability Coverage Insurance through Pet Sitters Associates
  • Broadened property damage coverage & bond through Pet Sitters Associates
  • Registered business through the state of Colorado


We want to get better at what we do for your pets!

We'd love to join more organizations and get involved in specialty rescues in the Colorado Spring area.

We'd also be interested in taking training classes, attending lectures, and earning more certifications related to exotic pets.

Please call or e-mail if you know of a local organization that needs volunteers or members, or if you offer or know someone who is offering classes that may be of interest to us!