More About Me

I won 2nd in the North American Youth Chess Championships in 2016. I also won 4th in the same event in 2019. I am one of the top players of my age in my country, and have been in the top 3 by rating for a long time. I won the provincial tournaments countless times during 2016, 2017 and 2018, and even managed to win the rapids as well in 2019. I have consistently been playing as the Top 10 in most high level tournaments.

I am a specialist in endgames. I always play extremely well during endgames and have taught 2 students in endgames only, and their ratings have gone up by almost 300! If your weakness is endgames, I would be the perfect coach for you, being a child myself and also excelling at places most people are weak at.

To the left was a picture of me getting 3rd (in blitz) in the 2019 PAN-American Youth Chess Championships. I have used this photo so many times because you can easily search up my name and you will find it. You can also search up "Chessdemon2019" and you will see a lot of my thumbnails for blogs and videos.

The name "Chessdemon2019" means a lot for me. Firstly, I am a speed demon, and love playing blitz and have quite good results. Secondly, the year 2019 was the year most memorable in my chess career, being in my last year in elementary school and still be able to find time to play.

I usually use my real name to sign off, but for my blogs or anything that is not formal, I use "Chessdemon2019." See my blogs on the 'blogs and videos' section of this website.

I have also volunteered at the Canadian Chess Youth Club, one of the biggest chess schools in Canada, for a chess camp coach. It went really successful, and the 7 hours of the day went by no time. This happened when I was only 12.

If my biography looks intriguing to you, please consider subscribing to my Youtube channel, I am almost at 200 subscribers as of 10/7/2020