Treasurer's Report


Susan Hansen

As CEA’s treasurer I am your 2022-2023 elected guardian of CEA’s funds who takes an active part in planning, decision-making, and financial advising. My duties as CEA’s Treasurer include, but are not limited to:

• Attend the CTA accounting workshop for treasurers.

• Prepare the annual budget approved by CEA’s governing body.

• Review on a regular basis, with the president, the checklist of deadlines for Chapter treasurers. Prepare and file reports and returns as required by external regulatory agencies.

• Act as a signator, with CEA’s President, on financial instruments.

• Maintain an accurate record of all income and expenditures, and know the Chapter’s cash balance at all times.

• Prepare and present reports of “income and expenditures to date” for each meeting of the Association’s policy and executive bodies.

• Notify the Chapter’s Executive Board and policy body when expenditures in any category exceed the amount budgeted.

• Prepare monthly itemized reports of income and expenditures, showing how they compare with amounts budgeted.

• Participate with other members of the organization in annual program planning, budget preparation and dues scheduling.

• Submit an annual financial report to the Association.

• Prepare the annual report to be ready for submission to the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) in accordance with its regulations and with state law.