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Final Bargaining History

Negotiations Objectives 2022-23

The 2022-23 Teaching Contract is open for negotiations. Here is a list of some of the areas the CEA Bargaining Team will focus on this year. On September 24, the Bargaining Team and CEA Executive Board will meet to develop ways to get member input for defining clear objectives for this school year.

  1. Follow through on negotiations from 2021-22.

  2. Continue Health & Welfare Joint Negotiations for 2022-23 to research and potentially approve new health plans to address rising costs of our current plans.

  3. Survey members about priorities of articles and issues to negotiate when we reopen the new contract.

  4. Reopen and begin negotiations on the new CEA contract 2022-2023.

2017-18 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

Below is a list of the MOUs and Tentative Agreements that the CEA Bargaining Team signed with CUSD during our negotiations in 2017-18. There is also a timeline of our bargaining meetings and PDFs of joint communications released through the year.

What is an MOU?

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a nonbinding agreement between two or more parties outlining the terms and details of an understanding, including each parties' requirements and responsibilities. An MOU is often the first stage in the formation of a formal contract.

MOUs are not legally binding but are viewed as serious documents by the law. In the United States, an MOU is the same as a letter of intent, which is a non-binding agreement stating a binding agreement will soon follow.

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An MOU is a document that expresses mutual accord on an issue between two or more parties.

Memoranda of understanding are generally recognized as binding, even if no legal claim could be based on the rights and obligations laid down in them. To be legally operative, a memorandum of understanding must (1) identify the contracting parties, (2) spell out the subject matter of the agreement and its objectives, (3) summarize the essential terms of the agreement, and (4) must be signed by the contracting parties. Also called letter of intent.

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2017-18 New MOUs (Click on the following headings to view the MOU)

Providing Membership Information Form Using CUSD email

2017-18 MOU Renewals With Additional Language

Reduction of Staff Learning Days MOU

CUSD agreed to an approximate 1% salary increase through a 2 day reduction of the work year without a decrease in salary. These days will be taken as non-work days on 2 of the contractual 4 Staff Learning Days . The previously designated Learning Days of October 16 and May 18 are this year's designated MOU non-work days. This MOU language is being added to the current contract and will extend for the length of the contract, through 2018-19.

Release Days for K-3 teachers for Early Assessments MOU

The MOU for 2016-17 that provided release days for primary teachers was continued and updated. The new language provides an additional day for 1st grade teachers (3 total), specifies that the additional (4th) day for Kindergarten teachers is for pre-assessment of incoming students, and requires teachers to assess students who need to be tested each trimester (which is based on variety of parameters for each grade level) to Instructional Level instead of to benchmarks as previously required. CEA has been working with the district over the summer to establish reasonable best practice guidelines for Rigby requirements. These new EAT Guidelines were emailed by the district on August 7. The individual grade level EAT Guidelines will be sent shortly after that. For a detailed explanation and timeline of the changes to the Rigby requirements, read more...

Release Days for SLPs and Psychologists MOU

The 2016-17 MOU was continued for 2017-18 and 2018-19. Language was added to specify the 4 release days must taken in minimums of half days.

Full Time President MOU

CUSD agreed to provide 50% of the salary for the CEA President's full time position and continue to provide full benefits. The MOU is in effect for 2017-18 and 2018-19.

You can also view the MOU's in the folder below.

2017-18 Tentative Agreements

What is a Tentative Agreement?

An agreement reached in collective bargaining negotiations between a school district (CUSD) and union representatives (CEA), is called a Tentative Agreement or T.A. because it is not put into effect until each side (CUSD School Board and CEA membership) has ratified (or voted to approve) it.

2017-18 Tentative Agreements

CEA members ratified our 2017-18 all Tentative Agreements (agreed upon contract changes) that had been negotiated by June of 2018. These are now being added to the current contract in a PDF format which can be found on this website and on the CUSD website once the final revisions and edits are approved by the two teams. When we conclude negotiations for Articles 7 & 12 from our 2017-18 re-openers, CEA will have another membership vote for ratification of those TAs. If they are approved by the membership, they will be added to the contract in a new PDF on the websites, and a printed copy of the contract with all 2017-18 ratified changes will be provided to sites.

You can view all tentative agreements and MOUs from 2016-2018 in the folder below. The 2016-17 Negotiations Slideshow is also included.

Negotiations TIMELINE 2022-23

September 24, 2022: Bargain Team and Executive Board Meet for a Planning Retreat

TBD : CEA-CUSD Negotiations

September ?, 2022: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

October?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

October ?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

October ?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

October ?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

November?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

December ?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

December ?: Health and Welfare Joint (CEA, CSEA, SEIU, and CUSD) Negotiations

joint CEA-CUSD Negotiations Communications 2018-19