Site Representative Meeting Minutes

Cupertino Education Association

Representative Assembly Meeting

Monday, August 29, 2022

4:00 PM

  1. Meeting called to order by Kai Brown at 4:04 PM.

  2. Amendments to Agenda — None

  3. Approval of May 23, 2022 Minutes — Amy Vidunas moved, Steve Greenfield seconded. Motion carried.

  4. School Board Candidate Meeting and Request for Endorsement — Opening on Health and Welfare Committee and opening on Safety Committee. If you are interested, please contact Kai!

  5. Ava Chaio for School Board — She is a biology teacher currently. She wants to help out the community where she lives and is working on campaigning currently. She wants to be a liaison between teachers and school board members. She is the secretary of her local union and a member of CTA. All of the Fremont High School Board Members have endorsed her. She plans on connecting to PTA and the CLIP program and wants to be visible. She feels that unions are important and wants to bring the union values and viewpoints to the board. She took questions from our members. Web site : Email: Take info back to your site and share it and get feedback. Please take a vote and get the results back to Kai by Thursday. She is the only one to ask for our endorsement. Amy Vidunas moved to give a PAC donation of up to $10,000 if we vote to endorse her, Michelle Telstad seconded. Motion carried.

  6. CEA Fall 2022 Site Visits — Kai sent out the list again in different format. Let him know if you have trouble opening it.

  7. Site Rep Training with Jessica Beard — We are focusing on member engagement. We want to make sure we hear from all sites and all members. 1:1 conversations build engagement. We need to be sure to ask members what they will do to have things get done. There is training available (Santa Clara Countywide Organizing Academy) during the fall for reps who are interested.

  8. VIII.Update on Negotiations — We have a new team (Mark Kulla, Suzanne Matheny, Mary Ann Cunningham, Loren Fontinell). Amy moved to approve the members, Gretchen seconded. Motion carried.

  9. 2022-2023 Budget Approval — We are still trying to get the numbers and will bring the budget back in September for approval.

  10. Health and Welfare Update — Jocelyn Su shared a slide show about H&W. The more the plans are utilized, the more the plans go up. We might be looking at carrier changes (possibly dropping Anthem Blue Cross). We look at other carriers every year. H&W may be asking for a vote on changes, if they are going to happen. There would be informational meetings before any changes would be made.

  11. Meeting adjourned at 5:22 PM.