Landscape Design

  • We specialize in native plants and local stone!

  • We love to create outdoor spaces that are inviting to not only people but also to birds and pollinators.

Design Installation

  • Planting

  • Hardscape

  • Natural stone and pavers/ blocks


  • Holistic property maintenance offered to our installation clients only at this time!

  • We do not take on new clients for maintenance only.

Drainage Solutions

  • Stormwater management is a universal need on the properties we help steward.

  • We will always seek to manage problematic storm flow at the source rather than simply treating the symptoms.

  • We regularly commit time to continuing education to keep our skills and knowledge sharp.

  • Year of experience dealing with water flow across our mountain slopes!

Botanical Consulting & Property Management Plans

  • Plant surveys

  • Holistic land management plans

  • Stormwater flow assessments and management plans