America's Team (The Poem)

My new Google New Site, unlike my Classic One, I feature old school players from the Dallas Cowboys proud past, that I, fortunately, by the grace, and knowing of a Prophetic God working in my life. Some people are actually anointed by the Spirit of Truth.

Former Dallas Cowboys Safety, Michael Downs, his sister, Debra Downs, and I, all attended Oliver Wendell Holmes, together.

Stanley Mathis Enterprise

Aside from establishing my own Google Sites, Zazzle, and Genuine Collectible Tees stores, I'm also the Dallas poet who penned America's Team, the poem, that Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys sold throughout his pro shops, in 1997.

I did a United Way television commercial, in 1979, with Dallas Cowboys player, Robert Newhouse.

In 1979, in McKinney Job Corp, I did a United Way commercial with John Riggins, of the Washing Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys players Robert (#44) Newhouse, as well as Preston (#26) Pearson. You didn't know?

How else can one explain the friendship I had with Dallas Cowboys Running Back whom all the media, in his time, loved to despise, Duane Thomas, except, that, the brother was (always) a positive influence in my life the little time he shared with me.

And Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lineman, Jethro Pugh, as a Substitute Teacher, taught us on occasions at John Neely Bryan Elementary School.

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, the original #88, Drew Pearson, and I, talked while waiting on the Jackson 5 (in 1973) to appear at Singing Hills Recreation Center. My younger brother, Michael, wanted to see them, so I went with him, and I decided to talk with Drew while we waited.

As a middle schoola, 1970-71, myself, and the other athletic brothers I grew up with, really enjoyed Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and Super Bowl Champion, and, Dallas Cowboys First Super Star, Bob "the Bullet" Hayes. He swam, ran, and played basketball with us kids at Oak Cliff's Deerpath Park during the weekdays.

Charlie Hudson, former pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, and Philadelphia Phillies, is younger, but lived down the street from me, on Lea Crest Dr., and probably knew I grew up a pitcher in school, until, I threw my arm away. I suffered 100's of shoulder dislocations while snatching rebounds.

John "J.J." Jefferson-Washington, who also attended O.W. Holmes with me, was greatness, even then, and in high school as John Washington.

John was a brother who could truly catch a BB in the dark. Irving? He could, as well.

Blamed for the ultimate firing of Coach Woody Hayes, Rod "Crow" Gerald, of the 1976-1977 Ohio State Buckeyes, above, is a personal friend of mine, who was a blessing to me, and my mother.

Joe "Turkey" Jones, whom I met through his brothers, Jimmy, and Jerry Jones, and Charles Taylor, of the Washington Redskins, their Cousin, growing up in Grand Prairie, Texas, are players I met, and heard a lot of talk about from family, including, Taft Jones, who loved his fishing, in Texas.

DaWayne Scales, of LSU, who play 1 year with the New York Knicks, from David W. Carter High School, balled with me at Singing Hills every day, as well as Vernon Smith, of Texas A&M. Go! David W. Carter!

Former Dallas Cowboys Linebacker, Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, once owned a night club on Henderson & Knox, in Dallas, where buddies, I and, sometimes, scouted, looking for some fun with a few cuties.

With Thomas' OK!, one night, we were successful. I took a school teacher home to her place.

San Francisco 49's Hall Of Fame Offensive Lineman, Ray Brown, above, whom I've had the opportunity to chat with while working with his uncle, Ed "Cookie Lava Java" Brown, who was a very good old friend of mine, in Dallas, before he passed away after a very strong willed battle with cancer.

Ed used to share everything with me about his friends in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ed was a very powerful black man from Utah, and I was the young man he wanted to be around every day, learning, the ways of Dallas.

Ed, a graduate of Brigham Young University, talked about his son, Travis Brown, being a somewhat of a close friend to Robert Redford's son, growing up in his early age. He talked about the Osmonds, and others of whom I can't remember.

Ed Brown knew everyone who was anyone in Utah, including, the leaders of Utah's Mormon Tabernacle Choir, in which Ed wrote some kind of a program for. He called, and put me on the phone for a young lady to inform me all about his popularity there.

Having me on the other line, Ed would call Hollywood sometimes to talk with producers about how much money he could raise from investors on certain movies.

I'm on another line listening to them talk about a movie project. Ed, and his investing partners were interested in purchasing all black movie productions for the new (black) channel they would be broadcasting them on.

With all I was hearing, and learning from an old guy who just wanted to "share something with me," Ed "Cookie Lava Java" Brown, became my mentor. Ed, was a basketball player, as well.

His entire family, nephews, his daughters, his son, Travis, his brother, Curtis, and all, misses him. I know that from just being around him.

Ed, handled his business.