here are thousands of testimonials about the effectiveness of my method...and ONLY my brand of NJIA UHURU, "THE WAY OF FREEDOM", the modern and best style of Kipura/"Capoeira"...that I have received from people all over the world. I will share some of them with you here on this page.

Tirhaquah Mosley

Hey guys I wanted to leave a short testimonial about what I learned from AtacxGym Capoeira ,his videos and teachings of historical relevance to Kipura and the self-defense arts. I'd like to begin by saying I have cross trained in Capoeira, Sho-Jin-Ryu Karate and Ninjustu. To be honest I started learning martial arts at the age of 5 and from that time I have been taught different styles for various situations. The most recent fight I was in was in 2009 I had few months of training after my first traditional Capoeira class so my cardio was in great shape. This fight I was in started because of a drunk guy in a Lamb of God concert in a mosh pit was pulling my friends hair and punching her in the head i knew enough at the time to break them up and use knees and elbows to dispatch him and keep him from hurting her. I landed most of the elbows to his face and neck. In the fight one guy saw me and said you must do MMA and I told him i do a mix of different martial arts not actual MMA for the cage but self defense. Ok fast forward to 2015-2016 I had talked with Coach Ras and bought an instructional for stances and positions. This had an invaluable depth of knowledge some of which i used already. The same tactics I saw in these videos are some of the same ones used for practical martial arts for self-defense nothing more.



January 11, 2016

Greetings to one and all,

I Have been training capoeira since 2011 after i saw the Movie Besouro

So i started looking for a local school that i could join near the west london

area. I found one and i went to the 1st lesson and it was more like dancing and cartwheels and stuff i saw nothing relating to self defence so i did not go back there. so i then found another school in north london and i went there. it was much better there the whole teaching revolves around a heavily Portuguese influenced ethos , the singing, the names of the various moves.

I carried on there there was still an awful lot of dancing and cartwheels and

some good foot work and few roda's it was not really able to attract more people to the classes the number grew smaller. i felt that we as pupils of capoeira we needed more moves that we could actually defend our self with i mean take the ginga move if i did that where im from in a self defence situation i would get punched in the face or kicked in the face strait away. May be it was because the school dont want you go out and hurt people or some thing like that. There was a very good mestre and he had some very good instructors for what they teach but it all not much use on the streets of london it aint all nice as you think round here.

I know what your american's think we walk about in bowler hats a cane and wearing a monicle and going out for afternoon tea and crumpets.

No its ruff and a very dangerous place is london there is so much going on under the surface you would never believe.

Now back to what i was learning about first i learned about the ginga, then esquiva de french, negativa,macaco, cocorina ,Queda de rins, but i could never see the practical use of these moves in a self defence scenario how could you do negativa man's of road will jump on your leg and break it if you tried that and the cocorina would get a kick in the ribs strait away.

Any way i kept going i got 2 belts by 2012 i was a lot fitter due the high amount of cardio because training involved a lot of running and cartwheels stretching. I started to notice that there were no real afrikan names to the moves and no real mention of the afikans who came to brazil already doing the real KIPURA fighting for there lives on and during arrival in brazil no mention.only the drums and the beringbou instruments no mention of our orishas names or the original storys of why Capoeira was banned for so long.

So after doing my research in to the real hidden history of afrikan people world wide start to find out the truth which Atacxgym was writing about in great depth and details. Started to think and see what was really going on its not the capoeira Schools fault they just get taught that way not to rock the old boat.

I am not dissing them schools but on the street if any man or women gets into a street fight in the endz in london they all know deep down that ginga aint going to be used or anything else they know in a roda nah mate.

You will get mash UP.

so and around 2013 i got the 1st instructional video training sets of ATACXGYM i stopped going to capoeira classes teaching the conventional Portuguese heavily influenced style that is where i have a problem because they dont want to hear about any thing afrikan and i feel its watered down some what for the masses. i dont see why considering how mma is becoming more popular for its realness nothing held back in that now a days.

so after i got into the 1st set i think i got a second set and from the start i was like OH shit that is what that moves is really for and the defensive ginga, Height width and depth manipulation foot work, the real transitions

that you can use to defend from strikes into offence the Ogun Power frames , half power frame, This very very serious Kipura the real thing, defensive rolls. The negativa you find out what is really for and the amount of different ways you can apply that, Hammer fist , choke hold defence, The real Cocorina , is another, every move in capoeira i learned i now have the real defensive Kipura real fighting way as an alternative.

So as i quickly ran out of training partners because to train proper you need to get hit back doing this kipura to get better. so my younger family member B and i started to train him he was not so flexible in the start so i started him off with cardio capoeira i had learnt very helpful with the stretching. he wanted to learn the kipura proper strait away so we started of slow now he is very good and im surprised how much he has learnt and he has his own stlye now which good. we train weekly he says its the real ting man deangerous. and he just needs more flexibilty to be to transition more easily.

now i got jumped by 3 men and i got hit 1st from behind i went into Full Ogun

Kipura style and it ended up with them worst of and me getting nicked cos they could not believe me and i ended up in court and the jury saw the truth in what happened and I got not guilty.


for real no joke and i continue to practice teach what little i know because it help save my life that day


Hi and good Monday to you! Just now finished watching volume one and I'm bout to start watching volume two. Maaan, the GREAT thing is that it's a lot of interesting and nigh here to for unexposed information coming at you fast. The OTHER thing is that it's a LOT of information coming at you...FAST. This thing needs a text book, lol. I know this's just my initial viewing, but the feeling of trying to take in everything is almost overwhelming. Some of the written expositions on history, mythology and religion fade in and fade out at different speeds. And I'm a really slow reader, so you can imagine the stop-go pausing I had to do to get through and read everything. Some of its almost flash card like. Also, the music, though enjoyable in and of itself, often is a bit too loud and tends to come in before you've finished speaking and drown out your instruction.

Anyhooo, it's just my first look-see of the first chapter, (with these four novice eyes of mine) so the cork is popped and ahma let the wine breath, ya know?

'Bout to start volume two on my last work break. So, in short, this "mini review" summation is: "So far, So pleased"!

I'll get back after I've completed watching volume two.

Btw, that last part at about 1:06 time stamp? THAT'S my JAM!! In my best Count Douku voice: "I've been looking forward to this!"

-Be ever wonderful. Peace.


Lashinski Palauski TESTIMONIAL ABOUT MY NJIA UHURU KIPURA:" I learn alot from just watching you do 2 or 3 things though... You put a lot of deep content and ways of moving on YouTube... The main thing is I have to keep playing with it untill I get the full instructional... Just watching you do the esciva and entering while maintaining cover teaches a lot... Also the jab set ups to then go super low teaches alot... Great videos... There's enough on YouTube for me to work for hours and it's all good I can only imagine with the instructional is like, definitly need them."

I know this has been long overdue my apologies but here's my review on video number 1.

In Ras' first video he breaks down the many stances of montu. He explains there uses pros and cons and imparts some practical uses for the different stances. All and all a great introduction into the world of montu. The most informative part for myself was the 5 or 8 minutes of footage where he displays a particular p shape leg formation. And, he explains different uses and situations for this technique. I guess my only complaint would be that he did not divulge more into this particular technique. I found myself glossing. Over the other information hoping to see this technique performed on a actual person. I was forced to watch this video a second time in order to fully appreciate the wealth of information that was presented--DON EUBANKS


Head Coach Ras, your idea about an instructional + pdf is the excellent path! I remember reading somewhere -I've long since forgotten where - that a physical skill should be learned with the book in one hand.

Still watching, but I had to just blurt out that that alphabet pattern drilling is genius! Love it!

Okay. Mini review pt.2: 1.As far as functionality, N.U.K. looks cool without being flowery and impractical. The moves and the way they're presented just make too much practical sense to ignore. That said, it DOES depend on who's looking and in what kind of physical shape that person is in at that moment. A younger person will have hearts in their eyes upon seeing the unusual kicks and angles and low stances and postures! The choreographer's mouth will water at the possibilities for their next fight scene! Buuuut, the older practitioner who's overweight with a tricky knee and a hip starting to act a little (or a lot) dodgy, may roll their eyes and curse the thievery of father time and that this wasn't around to be partaken if by them 20-30 years ago. And then they'll move on.

And then, there's the aging fool like me who, seeing what may be what he's been needing/waiting/looking for all his life, converses with his body: Aging Fool:"Hey body, can we do this?"

Body:"No! And DON'T try it!"

Aging Fool:"...ahm is."---ULTIMATE K.I.M.M.

Thank you for shielding me from my own ignorance and impatience. It was hard for me to understand the vast importance of learning the stances FIRST. I mean, I've seen stance work emphasized in other arts, but it's always been as 15 to 30 minute horse stance endurance training/ character building stuff and the like. You know, the "if you can't stand, you can't fight" kind of Mr. Miyagi-esque thing. Or the "we only have ONE stance" kind of thing. Coming stale off of 2 years of Muay Thai (that's two years...six years ago, lol. Stale), I was reaaally put off seeing whole instructionals on ONE stance, eight times on my first vists to your website. And my second visit. And my...well, up until having seen the fundamental volumes. So far, the thoroughness of the stance training seems the key to N.U.K.'s uniqueness among martial arts. It seems also to be what makes learning it so practical.

The stuff we THINK we need most (punches, kicks, blocks, etc.) taking a backseat to what we GOTTA have (the stances, the postures, etc.) which then doubles back and makes what we THOUGHT we needed MOST applicable...it's just...different! But in the best, most refreshing way possible! I like it!--DAN


A final thing, then I'll shut up. It dawned on me just today as to WHY I like Njia Uhuru Kipura. Seeing you demonstrate and explain N.U.K. makes me feel like it's a skill I NEED to know. I haven't gotten that feeling from any other art other than 52 Blocks ( MTAALAM MWALIMU/EXPERT TEACHER/HEAD COACH RAS NOTE:

52 Blocks developed from Jailhouse Rock. Jailhouse Rock is the unarmed, imprisoned, close quarters, originally many weapon using, originally constant Trapping, Gripping, Sweeping, Tripping, Pushing and Redirection, Heavy Batuque and Laamb Wrestling, originally heavy eye gouging, hair and ears pulling/tearing, constant biting employment, lesser kicking form of Kickin and Knockin. Kickin and Knockin is the more standup, more kicking/sweeping/tripping, more head butting, far less grappling, far less weapons form of Kipura which is the adulterated form of outlawed Kipura that survived enslavement tortures and pressures unleashed upon the Alkebulan miscalled African people of the USA during the European colonial enslavement eras. All of the above is layered with foundational Kongo Kandeka, Dembe, etc open palm slap boxing and fist fighting which coalesced and gave direct birth to what is now called The African American Boxing Style. My 2 greatest contributions to 52 Blocks via my family's Njia Uhuru Kipura aka N.U.K. pronounced "Nuke" is the return, refinement, expansion, modernization and codification of what current 52 Blocks lost which is all of the above plus its:

Weaving Palms including Checking, Positional Checking, Pressing and NFL.Stiff Arm Offensive and Defensive Applications

Weaving Fists,

Multigeometric Pattern, And Multi-Alphabet Pattern+Medu Neter Pattern applications of:

Stances and Stance Patterns

Footwork Patterns

Mkuki Pattern Applications

Fremu Pattern Applications Offensive and Defensive including 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Nelson Applications

Closed Blocks Offensive and Defensive Pattern Applications

Open Palm Parries Offensive and Defensive Pattern Applications

Pushes and Pulls ( including the "small of the back" pushes the Black Ainu made popular in Japan which found its way into Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu and Aikido; but they missed the same Principles being applied simultaneously to Upper Torso and Flanks or Lower Torso and the Flanks in order to complete the "forced" and "emphasized" Manipulation of Depth and Height )

Traps Pushes and Pulls

Stance Destructions

Sweeps, Trips



Strikes: Chops, Finger Jabs, Knees, Elbows, Kicks

Locks: Wrist, Finger, Ankle, Elbow, Shoulder, Foot


Basic SWATT Rolls, Maneuvers

Head Movement

Grappling Frames and Frame Offs

etc starting with the Basic 52 Skills and Knowledge Blocks from Maat, Montu and Smai Tawi:

42 Confessions+10 Point Code of Honor ( total: 52 )

13 Letter Medu-Neter+Alphabetics Stances ( Basic Adinkra Pattern )

13 Point Basic Multiplanar Multiaxial Movement Pattern ( Adinkra Pattern )

13 Point Footwork Pattern ( Basic Adinkra Pattern )

13 Point Basic Maneuver Basic Adinkra Pattern ( Tumbili, Nyani, Mpira, Gurudumu/Wheel/Cartwheel, Mti Unaogeuka/"Turning Tree"/Enter a headstone moving and facing one direction and beginning mid or late motion change facing OR moving direction)

^^^Notice the above totals to 52 )


looks and seems to me like it's a skill that might just help me survive a real, World Star worthy confrontation if ever I were to find myself in one. At 50, I'm not fittin' to be tryna box/kickbox some 20-something hot head who's younger, faster, stronger, and more resilient the I am. Nor am I finna be tangling with some pugilisticly profound and more experienced cat, be he older, young, or of a similar age to myself. Either way it'd be a bad day for me. N.U.K., the way you show it, makes me feel there's hope for survival. It bugs, gnaws and nags at me not to be practicing it.

Thats all I got. No it really isn't. Lol. I could go on (and on....) but I'll spare you. You get the picture.--DAN

Michael Loughrie 18 hours ago

[ Praise for the Gun Disarms I teach ]

Honestly you should offer value and follow all their orders first, and when you see it, fight them. I was playing with my friend and he aimed at me with a squirt gun one handed. (he doesn't know martial arts) and I disarms him. We were playing even more and he did this exact position! Just shows how real you guys are!

My name is Akin Adeyemi and I'm writing a review on Atackxgymcapoeira's Instructional video.

First of all, the brutha who made the instructional video claims that his style of capoeira is more practical than the "cardio capoeiristas" you'll find everywhere else.

He's veritably correct.

Any video on YouTube pertaining to capoeira are either his videos or a video of people, for a lack of better terms, flipping around.

I mean, yeah, it LOOKS cool, when no one's trying to HURT you, but when you're in a fight your adversary won't just let you flip and flail around, he/she/it/they will, at best, try to harm you,at worst, try to kill you.

The people at Atackxgymcapoeira understand this and are willing to teach us something your mestre probably can't.

How to defend ourselves via the art of capoeira. The price is at a reasonable $28 via PayPal.

My first, and probably only complaint about the instructional, is that, sometimes, some of the scenes on this instructional are filmed via phone, and are, thus, pretty small.

Fortunately, the cameraman managed to stay focused on the man performing the steps to each technique so it's not too much of a problem.

Besides the slight problem I mentioned above, the videos are rather simplistic. Which is good. Because simplicity is what's to be expected from a beginner's instructional.

The steps are so easy to follow you probably don't even need any experience with capoeira to use them (Though, I'd recommend you get some however you can).

The instructor always makes sure we're able to see all of the movements he makes, and does them more than once so you don't have to rewind the video to see what he did.

The techniques themselves are easy to learn (provided you actually have the space to practice them) and practical in an everyday situations (The Height, Width, and Depth manipulation video comes to mind when you're being grabbed from behind and held/punched/stabbed by someone bigger than you).

Our instructor shows us how to use certain capoeira techniques and movements such as the ginga in a practical and efficient manner that actually looks like you're fighting and defending yourself rather than dancing.

Don't get me wrong, Cardio capoeira looks beautiful and I'm sure it's a great workout, but to me it seems like a stepping stone to get to this variation of capoeira.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to buying more of this material from Atackxgym.


Mestre to Mestre I'll say this, as from aspect of fighting we delude these ppl. Bimba was a champion fighter in an oppressed time before you and your father. that Bimba via evolution and political slack reprieve was a different man then, moving into the realm of teaching and business.Ross seems to show more than most Mestres teach from day one. a matador doesnt hold hold his cape in front of himself he moves and trades places with the bull. check out the battle ginga break down series.--Mestre Xavier Gautier

Zakiya Dixon, Florida USA, Muay Thai, bjj...bought my instructional. She has this to say:


For one. I love the different techniques and drills you get. It's a great workout for building strength, speed, endurance etc. and you learn certain moves your opponent most likely wouldn't be familiar with giving you a greater advantage. You learn how to take down anyone of any size, no matter how small you are and you learn how to deal with multiple attacks, I honestly think the instructionals are superb.

And then even when you are learning just the basics they are good for self defense in the streets.What I love most is the disguising of the moves. Making your opponent "think" they know what you're up to making their next move easy to predict and then you surprise them with a round house kick or something crazy

Yaaaaay lol--Zakiya Dixon


YOUR VIDEOS ARE GREAT! I like EVERYTHING about your Instructionals. How you break down each principle, the quality of thevideo is clear and easy to follow, the similarities to the arts I've studied and your simple non-flamboyant approach to the arts are all things that I have found helpful in ever yarea of study: self defense, heritage, etc. I would DEFINITELY recommend your Instructionals for everyone! I would like to see you cover different aspects of weaponry and comparing to empty hands, how the weapons and empty hands instruction intertwine with each phase. Also I would like to see how Njia Uhuru Kipura's flexible weapons compare to the sarong tactics prevalent in Southeast Asian arts.

Hi Coach Ras, First off, I took the liberty of putting a link to your website on my blog. you can find it in the sidebar, in the African Martial Arts Section. And second, I have to put up my DISCLAIMER: Coach Ras, you have to understand that I've NEVER taken a formal capoeira class in my life, either with you or a Cardio Capoeirista, so in everything I have to say after this line, you have to keep that in mind. Now, as for your videos... Here's something else I typed in my blog's sidebar: "It is in my nature to be kind, gentle, and loving... BUT KNOW THIS: When it comes to matters of protecting my friends, my family and my heart... Do not fuck with me. For I'm also the most powerful, relentless, and ruthless MONSTER you will ever know... BELIEVE THAT." I love the Martial arts, but I don't consider myself a "Martial Artist". I consider myself what I call a SELF PRESERVATIONIST. What I mean by that is, my interest in Martial Arts and Survival is for one main purpose. That purpose is to SURVIVE, and to PRESERVE LIFE in general, and in particular, MY LIFE, and the lives of MY LOVED ONES. You see, I don't stick fight, I don't knife fight, I don't sword fight, I don't gun fight, or whatever. I SURVIVE, the aforementioned methods are merely the tools I use to accomplish my goal. If you come at me looking for a "fight", you've come to the wrong place. You've come to a place where I'm going to do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure I SURVIVE. This is my attitude towards self defense, and Martial Arts in general. In fact, I don't believe in self defense, I believe in SELF PRESERVATION. Whenever I look at a Martial Arts video, I look at it with this question in my head: "How will this help me survive?" And with everyone of the videos where you're showing techniques, you always give a clear answer to that question. Your explanations are clear, and you've given me some new perspectives on how certain capoeira movements can be applied to certain situations. Let's start with your ginga... Mestre Pasthina described the ginga as signifying "a perfect coordination of the movements of the body with the objective of distracting the attention of the adversary, making him vulnerable to strikes". Your ginga is the ONLY one I've ever seen to fit that description of a ginga. everyone else's ginga seems to make THEMSELVES open to getting hit, but that's my own opinion. And on the sizzers sweep video you did the other day. I NEVER thought you could use a role in that way. or to use a negativa to armbar someone. You even show how some of the acrobatic movements can be used for self preservation, something no one else seems to do. Like I said Coach Ras, I can't make much of a comparison between your style, and the Cardio Capoeiristas, because I have no DIRECT experience with either, but I will say this: From what I seen, I know for sure that I can defend myself with what you show. The other guys... not so much. Now about your instructional... I hope you got a copyright on it, because I fear some of those other guys will buy it, and then start teaching your material saying they learned this all along, etc. while hating on you and trying to discredit you in the process. I'm telling you that because it's been happening to my silat instructor for years now... Anyway, I hope this testimonial helps... John Kevin Ashton


After viewing your outstanding instructional, i can tell you brother the video is very detailed. you have a lot of energy when you explain the techniques which is good and when you demonstrate a few of the other techniques you have a little laugh that shows you are enjoying it and that you aren't really that serious of course you have to be serious when you explain certain techniques. that also shows that you are a nice likable guy. back to the energy when you explain the techniques you have such energy this keeps people interested you have an energetic tone in you're voice and this keeps people from getting disinterested. with the techniques you demonstrated them slowly so then people can look at the movement and analyse it then you went full speed to show how it works. all in all the video is long with lots of information in it i say you did very well brother.--DOMINIK DOHERTY EXPERIENCED MARTIAL ARTIST AND CAPOEIRISTA FROM IRELAND


Yes this defensive and attacking capoeira is stuff you can use on the vicous streets of london at night my freind you try using maroo de french kick on street wont work i use the actax gym style to improve my movement and also in ginga if if use the standard ginga hanging your face out un defended you will get kicked in the face strait away .

2 months ago

in reply to Mestre Senna da Bahia

yo mestre senna i have been training in a conventional capoeira school in london for just over a year on the second belt. with the school the capoeriastas there i trained with and there is over 100 of them. i started using the actaxgym vidoes and the equiva lateral i used had devasting effects and the people i trained with were scared and jumping out the roda cos they couldnt work out where i was going to move to so i learned more moves from the video series it really works

ustou!! very nice approach... never thought about getting close when esquiva. Off course they don't teach you like that, but Capoeira is also moving free in the roda, isn't? :)

4 months ago

Muito bom. Essa técnica é boa.

4 months ago

Please keep up the good work! The Capoeira breakdowns are awesome. More of them please.

ort of both in the most sincere way, so we can spread the word about FIGHTING FUNCTIONAL Capoeira.

4 months ago

Please keep up the good work! The Capoeira breakdowns are awesome. More of them please.

7MA 3 weeks ago

+ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA I just checked your website, some great knowledge there. I couldn't read it all b.u.t the part that I read was real magnetic, it held my interest,I'll check the rest at a later time. Thanks for the knowledge. I'm in Brooklyn New York. What state do you teach in? Do you have a school?

Please keep up the good work! The Capoeira breakdowns are awesome

I went to my Muy Thai class

Had a nice training but the interesting part was when I entered the Phase 2 conditioning class. Although I am Phase 1 and not allowed to sparr, the Phase 2 conditioning teacher allowed me to do the sparring training with them.

As we practiced together, each opponent I was set againts asked me different questions and made assumptions on my martial art experience. I never revealed my Montu Kipura knowledge.

One girl asked if I have ever sparred before, and assumed I took boxing lessons, I said no to the boxing lessons but I have sparred againts many styles in the past.

The other girl asked me how long I've been doing Muy Thai, when I said it's my 4th classed she was shocked and asked me how on Earth did I get so good, she's been there for months. As she watched me sparr with others she said that I flow like water as if I am "Water Bending". And when I sparred with her -- in her words: I was helpless even tho you never hit me all you did was touch me but I could never catch you.

A Phase 3 experienced fighter was not able to land a punch of kick on me but I managed to lay several punches and kicks on him. The moment I tested a dance capoeira "Meia Lua de compaso" on him to test whether cardio cap would work or not, he was able to catch my foot, luckily thanks to Atacx Gym Capoeira training, I managed to hook his rear foot with my other leg and off balance him which set me free.

When I sparred againts the instructor, he did manage to lay some good punches and kicks on me. I admired greatly the way he charged at me and caught some of my high kicks. What surprised me is that he told me he loves my styles and finds it very difficult to keep it and catch me and extremly hard to differenciate the feints and actualy attacks, and once he see's the attack coming it's too late to stop it. He asked me what's my bases, I told him personal experience.

After practice I had an interesting chat with one of their top fighters who didn't practice with us but according to him, he watched me very carefully. He asked me if a practiced a certain art that I can't even pronounce....I obviously said no and he then replied, wow well your style is amazing you literaly make me think of water flowing through and arround your opponents, it's beautiful, sneeky and effective, I love it!

Thank you AtacxGym Capoeira


"At first I was anxious, didn't know, if it was woth the 29.99 USD, lemme tell you at the start, it was worth it. I learned so much, and not only about fighting, but about life. Honestly, I was happy to learn something about Eshu, 'cause I feel like he's the closest to me. It amazes me, that I only bought one of the series, and yet I feel like I learned some good basics already.

In my country, especially my town isn't the safest to hang around, a lot of thieves, rapists, bullies etc. When I was still at the elementary school, I was glad to avoid conflict, using my instincts, but that was also bad, 'cause I couldn't protect my friends. So, in high school, I started to learn self-defense (I am still learning), but where to start, right? I looked up some videos and found something that resonated with me personally, yep, the channel ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA. After some videos, I decided to buy an instructional. And now, I'm ready to protect.

I really think PRINCIPLES AND CONCEPTS 1 is a great start on your journey, if you want the safe way."--MINH HOANG TA


Hello.Peace and Love.I am truly impressed and ecstatic by the information and the dedication and consistency of atacxgym capoeira.i have learned so much from the fundamentals instructionals,and also the videos on you tube.I have been training capoeira angola in baton rouge for about 8 months.in all of that time I did not learn a single thing about self defense/combat.i had a lot of fun playing the game, but no warrior training.When I came across atacxgym capoeira,The information raised its voice to my ears.I knew that this was what had been missing.APPLICATION.real life application.Our black African ancestors who were subject to the worst kind of torture and oppression did not and could not have overcome those tyrants with what is today known as CAPOEIRA.So it is clear that many things should be cleared up.and atacxgym capoeira is doing a great job at the task.overstanding the facts compels me to want to research and study African montu arts more.Much respect to head coach Ras,and atacxgym capoeira/Njia Uhuru.--BROTHER DENNIS BESHEARS

Darrell Robinson4 weeks ago

Yes!!!!!!!! Thank you for this video!!!!!! I will study the specific movements (analyze and write them to memorize for trading to establish in muscle memory). Also I sparred with some other martial arts practitioners and they said it was extremely hard to hit me first, evade my movements and attacks, and counterattack. It was as though they were afriad to make their move. Thank you Coach Ra's and always a Respectful Amani to you, your family, and all of ATACX GYM!!!!!!

I have been following atacxgym YT videos for about a year now.

Two weeks ago, I joined a Muy Thai class in Ottawa called N1 Academy.

At my third class, I challenged a phase 2 MT fighter for a friendly sparring match (I am in phase 1- not allowed to sparr).

I was fully equipped, he had nothing but gloves.

At first I use the MT stance and did test shots, evaluate him and etc.

About 30 seconds into the fight I switched to the street warrior capoeira stance, and used the water element againts him. From that point on, he couldn't touch me, read me, block me and sometimes couldn't see me.

I purposely lured him into cornering me and then spun out and ended up behind him using atacxgym capoeira techniques, (also part of the water elements), and pinned him in a corner.

I used street warrior capoeira set ups and stance transitioning to surprise him with what brazilians call an "Au chibata".

After 2 mins of the fight, the class that was presently in motion stopped, and everyone - instructors & students alike, stopped and watch me destroy one of their more advanced students with moves they had never seen.

5 minutes into the fight, one of the employees stopped the fight, and told me that I can't be in the ring because I'm only Phase 1, and because the other guy isn't using shin guards.

I was disappointed, because I don't see why I can't spar with them, when I had already beaten them...

Their response was this: I may be a good acrobatic fighter, but I have very little if not any Muy Thai technique, and I must fight using Muy Thai, not "whatever that is".

They schedueled an exam for me to enter Phase 2.

I see their techniques, and personally, I find it makes them vulnerable. Their skills are powerful indeed, but my fighting style is ions older than Thailand ;).


Miguel De la vega1 month ago

Awesome video i really learned alot and you gave me confidence in standing up against bullies😀 i was bullied alot in highschool and i hope would be able to defend myself in college thank you very and i hope to hear from you soon😁

Minh Hoang Ta3 weeks ago

Fun fact: Your channel is one of the few, that teaches the reality of fighting and surviving in this modern day. I have not seen many other channels. Also, you showed the fact, that Kipura, is DEADLY, which people cannot see and will not believe. Also would like to thank you for posting the tutorial for handstand. So, in other words, thank you for sharing!

YSNationTV3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed this video! I remember when you were showing me this a week ago and I was actually trying to hit you but with the techniques you evaded all of them lol can't wait until I become that mobile


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warrior224100 1 month ago

Lol oh man you just destroyed the cardio capoeira variant of that kick and it makes so much sense. Love it keep post brotha

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YSNationTV 1 month ago

wow!! so much information but the knowledge is what we need to be properly aware of what we're doing. and the best part about this is that you say the same thing during training which shows consistency in what you're saying. this isn't a joke, people need to know the truth and I'm glad you're sharing it. please continue

DestatiXIII 8 months ago

Helpful video!!

arnold abrahams 1 year ago

From me you get the nobelprice this easy lesson make me changed my capioera from so so to a very dangerous fighter. Not because of brutality but because no boddy nows where I am where I went wow now I can become master of space and time manny thanks.

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OXO CANBULL 7 months ago

desde Ecuador.... God man

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DestatiXIII 8 months ago

Helpful video!!

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EMR80 1 year ago

I done boxing for lots of years, so it make to me to shift your weight when changing position and still keep your face protected. Ras is cutting around him to stop his momentum. By doing, so that Ras takes advantage of his opponent being off balance. Now my background is TKD, Thai boxing, Western Boxing, some JKD with Sifu Rick Fey. When you look at a lot of styles you find similarity.


thats for sure a good attack but what im saying is this looks way more like kung fu ( because of your attack to the knee with your hand close , in Capoeira they dont do any attacks with Hands closed and , Where is the Ginga ? i dont see any capoeira in that , Just because you did some kicks doesnt mean its capoeira , a lot of other martial arts have kicks like that , its still a good video ! i just dont see any capoeira in that

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+daquele jeito Thank you for the compliment of saying that the attack I show is a good attack. And I understand your other concerns, so let me address them sequentially as you wrote them. "...but what im saying is this looks way more like kung fu ( because of your attack to the knee with your hand close , in Capoeira they dont do any attacks with Hands closed..."--DAQUELE JEITO

Your comment above shows that you have been miseducated in many ways, and that is why you are drawing incorrect conclusions from the video of mine we are discussing. Allow me to properly educate you, my friend, and my thousands of readers in general. First? Wushu...which means "war art" or "military art"... is not "kung fu". "Kung fu" means "great skill". In anything. "Kung Fu" is not the name of a fighting art. The British aristocracy--because of their general racism and arrogance-- never learned the proper distinctions and pronounciation of Mandarin when they first invaded China, and neither did Portugal or any other European country. That is why most people incorrectly name their art "kungfu" today. Here is proof:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_fu_(term) "Kung fu/Kungfu or Gung fu/Gongfu (i/ˌkʌŋˈfuː/ or /ˌkʊŋˈfuː/; 功夫, Pinyin: gōngfu) is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete..." ..."

This excerpt below further illustrates how the meaning of this term has been changed in English.

"The origin of this change can be attributed to the misunderstanding or mistranslation of the term through movie subtitles or dubbing.[2]In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any skill achieved through hard work and practice, not necessarily martial arts. The Chinese literal equivalent of "Chinese martial art" would be 中國武術 zhōngguó wǔshù.[4]..."

These same Europeans did the exact same racist arrogant thing in Afrika as they did in China. That is why you call the art of my ancestors by the name "capoeira" instead of the correct name, Kipura. Here is proof that the correct root word for "capoeira" is the KiKongo "Kipura/Kipula"... ...and here is proof that there are many arts in Afrika--all older than Portugal and therefore much older than Brazil--that show the skills that many people mistakenly believe to be born only in Brazil. http://atacxgymcapoeira.blogspot.com/2015/12/the-true-history-of-kipuracapoeira-pt-2.html

Second. If you read your history, you will note that Chinese wushu gungfu got its roots from Prince Guatama of India, whom the Chinese called Dat Mo aka the First Buddha. And...Prince Guatama is a Black man, whose royal family was from Afrika. That is why the oldest sculptures and depictions of Prince Siddartha Guatama are all made from black material of some sort and all show the tightly curled hair and features of the Black race. http://www.buddhanet.net/images/bw_head.jpg Therefore, the ENTIRE ANCIENT CIVILIZATION AND ALL OF THE ARTS INCLUDING FIGHTING ARTS of Southeast Asia, inclusive of India, China, Japan, Korea, and all of the Orient were developed by Afrikans living in the Diaspora [ outside of Afrika ].


+daquele jeito you wrote: "...Where is the Ginga ? i dont see any capoeira in that , Just because you did some kicks doesnt mean its capoeira , a lot of other martial arts have kicks like that , its still a good video ! i just dont see any capoeira in that."--DAQUELE JEITO The reason you don't see any "capoeira in that", my friend, is because you and almost everyone since 1964 never learned the authentic art. By design. Because the greedy corrupt racist elitist Miltiary Dictatorship of Brasil of 1964 [ with the help of the greedy corrupt racist elitist government of America ]...among the many atrocities and sins they committed...also took power over the art of Kipura/"capoeira" from Mestres Bimba and Pastinha, gave the power over "capoeira" to rich White Mestres who do not know the art and only want to make money, then killed Mestres Bimba and Pastinha. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1964_Brazilian_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat

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+daquele jeito Also, what you think is the Ginga isn't the real footwork of AUTHENTIC Kipura. First? That word "Ginga" ACTUALLY comes from the name that Ngola Ginga miscalled Queen Nzinga of Ndonga Matamba miscalled Angola. "Ngola" means "Ruler". In Alkebulan miscalled Africa, my people either had nor chauvinism or it was very minimal in our communities. We never had the title "Queen" until Europeans invaded. Why? Because the title "Queen" IS A SEXIST TERM that means PURELY BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN, THE QUEEN CANNOT HAVE THE SAME, OR GREATER POWER THAN THE KING OR MALE RULER. SHE MUST ALWAYS BE SUBSERVIENT TO HIM, PURELY BECAUSE OF HIS SEX.

How do we know that Ngola Ginga's name is actually Ginga? Because "G-I-N-G-A is how she wrote her name. She did not write her name as "Nzinga" on any of the documents that still exist. Her name...as she writes it...is GINGA. Furthermore, the "thousand guileful agile twists turns dodges leaps acrobatics feints parries etc that the Afrikans used for all their defence..." and attacks we Afrikans were known to use was actually called "sanguar" by the Portuguese. The real, authentic Mbundu term for our skills include names like "nsanga" and "yepa". "Gingar" had nothing to do with anything until after the Brazilian government forced the issue and created or encouraged the terminology. I'm sorry to say, friend, that almost everything you and every other Cardio Capoeirista has been taught to be true about "capoeira" is, in truth, NOT true. They are all lies created by the government of Brazil during the civilian and military governments spanning from 1800-1985.

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Atacxgym Capoeira is with Cornelius Clay II and 55 others.

Admin · December 23 at 12:12am · Hemet, CA

The legendary Michael Jai White...imo hands down the best combination of leading actor-self defense expert to EVER hit Hollywood and yes imo he's better than Bruce Lee...just "liked" one of my Njia Uhuru Kipura videos. Michael Jai White also pioneered the first and best real world fight scene in films using "capoeira". He is a genuinely magnificent...even LEGENDARY...real world self defense expert. I am truly humbled and pleased that Michael Jai White...someone I admire immensely... someone of that caliber, with that much knowledge, experience, and achievements, enjoys my work.


10Khafiyer Ghazieh, Daniel Valadez and 8 others

Atacxgym Capoeira




Her is my Testimonial Coach Ras! This is an outstanding informational video. NIJA UHURU FOUNDAMENTALS VOL.2. This product is worth ever last dime I spent on it and even more. Not only is this info that you can use on the street right now! It's making all of my pre-existing Martial Science skills even better from my footwork,stances,striking,evasions. If my skills were at a 10 when I began their at a 20 now. An I appreciate the raw to the point delivery. Thanks Coach Ras for bringing the real. Yaw Aboagye" --ADE

1brawl 1brawl 2 years ago

+ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA i must say brother seeing you fight with capoeira i must say you are fierce and professional may god bless you. And what ever martial art the africans did i must say you brought that that martial art back to life and you are a hero for that ras. Never forget that. I love you brother you are the best.

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Emanuel Woodhouse 8 months ago

great job coach you said you would take the Internet by storm and you did

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Eddie Gutierrez 2 years ago

Is there a gym in long beach I can go to so I can study this form of self defense? I'm currently training in muay thai kickboxing...but your videos totally blew my mind with self defense and the ability to defend yourself in modern times.

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Graven Wiz 2 years ago

Keep it up brother! Nice!

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Isidro Cruz 2 years ago

As a capoeira enthusiast and practicioner , I've been searching everywhere for realistic combat oriented capoeira instruction without success. So thank you so much for these videos.

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IAmNotPeaceful 2 years ago

Keep the tradition alive!

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Panica a 1 year ago

respect from Algeria

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Yo TaoDu 2 years ago

I have a back ground in Yi Chuan and some Capoeira Angola. Iwas very impressed with the straight forward no nonsense utilitarian approach of the system you teach. Watched as many as my eyes would allow and when they get some rest i'll watch some mo"...Could you recommend a Mastre in Las Vegas- Thus far i have only come across the "cardio" crowd...

Hugo Morris 1 year ago

+ATACX GYM STREET WARRIOR CAPOEIRA its a good style, very fluid and effective. well done with the videos 

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emilio maggiore 3 years ago

that's what I want :-)

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Rewind Remix - No Copyright Music 8 months ago

Awesome vidd!

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Kamemaster84 3 years ago

As a practitionor of different martial arts like taijiquan and mizong louhan I gotta say this is cool! Much respect to capoeria mestres out there.

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mysticaldragon1978 4 years ago

Excellent sir, Thanks my friend! Bows!

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Bagridius 4 years ago

wow.. nice :)

G-FORCE INTERNATIONAL Bureau of Combat Science 4 years ago

so get here again is another prime example of what most people think that they will be learning when I go to a traditional or actually conventional Capoeria Academy. We have mestres that are part of our org. trust us when we say you will not learn anything remotely close to this and a conventional school of capoeira. the art of Capoeira is as RAS said and has properly showcased is not set up for Street self defense in the aspects of this extreme and everyday domestic violence

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Pantera Negra 4 years ago

Yeah. There is way to me thirsty brothers online so the screen name is a joke on them. I'm definitely going to check out your DVD! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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Pantera Negra 4 years ago

I like this take down. I'm going to do this more often.

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Walter Burt 3 years ago

i would love to learn from you, but I think i'm too old to start... but what i saw from your video and your responses you are a good teacher

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+Walter Burt my friend, if you're breathing? You're not too old to start. I have a new client who just started training at age 72. And he's improving notably by the week. I thank you very much for your kind words and I look forward to the opportunity to train you.

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cristiano carvalho 2 years ago

Muito bom

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Raftel 3 years ago

desde Ecuador.... Good man

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DestatiXIII 3 years ago

Helpful video!!

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Semper Fi 3 years ago

Nice acknowledgment of those shuffle kicks from opponents. A good shuffle and change in stance can be dangerous in to any discipline. But I suppose Capoeira knows all about that concept. *I'm confused about the intention of Esquiva in the specific manner you show. You present it as an aggressive offensive, but it looks like it only works from an evasion technique. @ 00:38 you present "if he tries to defend it" scenario. Is it ridiculous to attempt on an opponent on "the balls of his feet" guard or is it an evasion, defensive maneuver?

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The movement called Esquiva de Frente by some is simply that: a movement with a wide variety of applications, dependent upon the desire, ability, and tactical acumen of the practitioner. The skill, life experience, etc. of the Mbundu Montu warrior combined with the exigencies of the situation determines what the Mbundu Montu [ "Mbundu Montu" is one of the correct terms for the incorrectly named so-called "capoeira" ]...warrior does. The Cardio Capoeira Mestres who present the Esquiva as solely or primarily an evasion are almost always completely devoid of self defense and genuinely martial skill, as well as ignorant of the actual history of the Montu. This lack of skill and knowledge accounts for their reliably poor performance whenever they are called upon to defend themselves or asked to teach others self defense.

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Robert F 4 years ago

I've lost 105 pounds in about one year. I found that training capoeira is very good to burn more calories, and i need to loose about 25 more pounds to start practicing without getting too tired fast and i need more agility. I like a lot your style of fighting and i think a base of capoeira can be a good self defense system, like yours. Thanks for posting this. I'mk going to train hard until i can show my progress.

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