Church Ceiling Update - 24 July 2022

As I write this update work on the church ceiling is almost completed!

Thanks to a fantastic effort by the building contractors the ceiling is now completely finished and the entire church had had a fresh lick of paint. A few additional sections of wall have also been re-plastered following historic issues with damp and leaks from the roof. The cleaners are now busy at work removing all of the dust and making sure the church is sparkling clean. Everything will then be reinstated to it's original place ready for the grand reopening in August!

As part of the fundraising effort we have organised a charity run and walk with the Ahmadiyya community at Islamabad. The event will take place on Sunday 25th September starting and finishing on the village green. All ages and abilities are welcome and we would love to see as many of you as possible taking part. To find out more or to register to take part in this event please follow the link below

For more information on how to donate

Charlotte Mathias


(24 July 2022)

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Church Ceiling Update - 24 June 2022

Work on replacing the ceiling is now well underway.

With new battening in place both the South Aisle and Nave have now been fully fitted with insulated plasterboard units and skimming has commenced. As of the 23rd June approximately one quarter of the ceiling has been skimmed with new plaster - an arduous job given the narrow working space between the beams up in the eaves. As the plaster dries the decorators will be moving in so they can begin painting the new ceiling. As this is completed the scaffolding will start to come down and as sections are revealed the walls will be given a fresh coat of paint as well.

In addition, we have had the roofers in who have replaced a large number of crumbling tiles and ensured the roof is now fully watertight. Although this was additional expense it is vital work to ensure the longevity of the ceiling.

As all continues to go to schedule we are still heading towards a late July re-opening of the church.

To date we have raised just approximately £70,000 and details of an exciting fundraising activity to take place the last Sunday in September will be released shortly.

For more information on how to donate and stay up to date with progress on the ceiling please follow the link below

Charlotte Mathias


(24 June 2022)

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Church Ceiling Update - 23 May 2022

Work on the church ceiling continues to make great progress. The entire lath and plaster ceiling in both the South Aisle and the Nave have now been fully removed, including dismantling all of the old battening and de-nailing all of the beams. As you can imagine this was an incredibly dusty job and so before any further takes place the entire church is being cleaned.

Our normal roofing contractors (Moran's) are coming in to inspect the roof prior to the new ceiling being installed so we can get a fuller understanding of the life span of the roof.

The next stage will be the installation of the new ceiling. Work on this will commence the second week of June and will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. Following this stage, the entire church is to be repainted, the scaffolding dismantled and a final thorough clean of the church. If all continues to go to plan, the church should be reopened in the middle of July.

To date we have raised £50,000 towards the new ceiling and renovation work which will cost in total £100,000. An interest-free loan from a family within our community has allowed us to progress with work in the short term in order to get the church reopened.

Every gift takes us one step closer to our goal so please consider making a donation today and helping to preserve the church for future generations.

For more information on how to donate and stay up to date with progress on the ceiling please follow the link below

Charlotte Mathias


(23 May 2022)

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Church Ceiling Update - 14 April 2022

After some delays while the survey reports were awaited, things are now moving ahead speedily with the project to replace the church ceiling in both aisles. The church was completely cleared of movable objects on 12th April with items being stored in the vestry and in the chancel (which has a wooden ceiling and is not affected by the current works). The pews have been sheeted over and remaining items such as the font, which cannot be moved, have been boxed in to protect them from the forthcoming work. Particular care is being taken to ensure the windows are fully protected and the organ pipes sheeted over to avoid dust damage. The next step is for scaffolding to be erected in the coming weeks followed by wooden decking across the whole church at ceiling level which will enable the removal of the entire ceiling to commence. Once the main works start a time of seven weeks has been estimated for the project to be completed although obviously this could change for many reasons. The best target date for reopening the church remains mid-summer and our chosen contractor, Ralph Plastering, is working closely with us to achieve this as speedily as possible. Before reopening, the whole interior of the church will be repainted so will be in a better state than it has been in many decades.

As before, huge thanks are due to our Treasurer, Charlotte Matthias, who has worked tirelessly to lead on and coordinate this substantial project. This includes extensive liaison with Guildford Diocese over the Faculty application which is required for this kind of work on any C of E church.

Sandy Reid

Church Warden

(14 April 2022)

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Church Ceiling Update - 22 March 2022

A full survey of the ceiling in the church has now been completed and we have received the preliminary report. The survey involved every panel in the Nave being inspected via a lifting platform and those which could be accessed in the South Aisle.

In summary the ceiling across the entire church, both Nave and South Aisle, is unstable and therefore the church must now remain fully closed until the necessary work can be completed. There are two key contributing factors for this failure:

The relative warmth of the inside space compared to that on the external side of the plaster creates a high degree of heat stress through the material, resulting in its expansion and contraction in a longitudinal direction to the point where it has cracked (cracks generally run across the material perpendicular to the direction of movement).

Secondly, the laths have been installed longitudinally which is unusual and has allowed for longitudinal creep.

A combination of the above, over a long period of time has caused the failure of plaster seen during the inspection.

Unfortunately, this is worse than we had hoped as it is now clear that the issues are not just limited to the Nave but to the South Aisle as well.

The work required is extensive requiring multi-layer scaffolding across the entire church, protection of the pews/windows/organ etc., removal of the entire lath and plaster ceiling, replacement of the ceiling and re-decorating once completed. A process likely to take at least 7 weeks from start to finish.

Following the survey, a number of building contractors have been contacted and will be coming to quote for the work. Simultaneously the PCC will be seeking approval for the works from the Diocese via the Faculty procedure.

A hopeful estimated start date for the work will be the end of May.

Please continue to look out for updates from Neil by email of future services and events, or feel free to contact Charlotte, Sandy, Neil or Andrew. Sandy, Neil or Andrew.

Charlotte Mathias


(22 March 2022)

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Church Ceiling Update - 14 February 2022

Since the last update in the February magazine, significant progress has been made on progressing a solution to this serious problem.

The current scaffolding in the nave of the church is due to be removed this week.

A surveyor has now been instructed following the receipt of a number of quotes from various surveyors recommended by the RICS (Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors). The company which has been instructed is the Historic Building Advisory Service - "an independent professional consultancy service delivering cost effective services tailored to the needs of those involved with listed or unlisted pre-1945 buildings, structures or landscapes ranging from Iron Age forts to Art Deco flats." The survey is planned to be completed by the end of February, a full survey of the entire ceiling - both aisles via lifting equipment. Every panel will be assessed and then a full report provided within two weeks of completion of the survey.

A temporary ramp is being built in order for the scissor lift to gain access to the church.

Once the All Saints Church PCC have received the survey report and know the extent of the issue, they will review the various options and obtain quotes for the undertaking of the work.

Please continue to look out for updates from Neil by email of future services and events, or feel free to contact Charlotte, Sandy, Neil or Andrew.

Charlotte Mathias


(14 February 2022)

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Church Ceiling Update - Friday 21 January 2022

As everyone will be only too well aware, the main part of the church has been closed since the plaster fall in late October. Charlotte Matthias, our Treasurer, has taken the lead on this and has worked tirelessly to progress a solution and way forward to resolve this serious problem .

As you will probably know, scaffolding was put up in late November and following this some quotes from specialist plasterers were obtained, the most realistic of which amounted to around £100k for completely replacing the entire ceiling in the main part of the church. The Omicron issues and the Christmas closedown have slowed progress but the PCC decided at it's recent January meeting that the best way forward was to have a survey by a Chartered Surveyor to advise us of what we need to do and the optimum and the most cost effective solution. Quotes have been obtained very recently from two Heritage Building specialists and we expect to be in a position to commission the survey shortly. Allowing time for that to report, the best estimate is that we will have identified a solution by mid to late February and be able to obtain quotes from building companies shortly after that. It is impossible to predict a date when the church will fully reopen but early to mid summer at the latest is maybe the best estimate. One possible cause of delay is the Faculty process, required for all major works with any C of E church, which will have to be negotiated with the Diocesian authorities.

Negotiations continue with our insurance company but, as already known, they regard the plaster fall as "wear and tear" and thus not eligible for a claim. We continue to be in touch with them regarding the safe reopening of the church and our liability for that. Charlotte has made a great start with fundraising for the inevitable large bill for the repair work and some extremely generous donations have already been received, for which we are most grateful. Please see the church website for more details of ways to donate.

Many of you will know that a decision was made before Christmas that we could safely reopen the south aisle (which was added around 30 years after the original building of the church) with access only via the Parish Room. We can seat around 40 here with comfortable social distancing. Although the Omicron worries meant that Christmas services were severely limited, 8am services have now recommenced in church and it is hoped that congregations will now increase particularly after the Cafe Concert being held on 22 January. The Parish Room is thankfully unaffected by any of this and continues to be used by Little Saints and for external bookings.

Please continue to look out for updates from Neil by email of future services and events, or feel free to contact myself, Neil or Andrew.

Sandy Reid

Church Warden

Church Ceiling Update - Friday 10 December

The PCC met yesterday. Three specialists have now visited the church and there are, unsurprisingly perhaps, three different opinions on how to proceed. We have decided, in compliance with diocesan rules, to commission an independent surveyor to assess each plaster panel to determine the scale of repair/replacement necessary- this could be a total re-plastering or the replacement of defective lath and plaster panels. The survey- and any work- would require cherry-picking scaffolding which we are investigating with a view to a professional survey early in January. Tenders will then be invited for the best recommended action and we will need diocesan permission- the faculty procedure-for any proposed works.

We are very grateful to Charlotte, our treasurer, for liaising with these specialists and for setting up a Just Giving account so we can plan our finances to meet the challenges ahead. Our thanks too to Andrew and Sandy, our wardens.

Revd. Neil Fairlamb

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Village Litter Picking

New Year's Day

12 noon

Church Ceiling Update - Saturday 27 November

We are facing a difficult challenge as the inspection of the plaster in the church nave has revealed the need for extensive works, possibly even the total replacement of the nave ceiling. One contractor has given his assessment, and while the scaffolding is in place other contractors will, we hope, come to inspect and offer their recommendations and quotations. It is a lath and lime plaster ceiling, and it appears that some at least of the wooden frames supporting the plaster are secured with nails that over time have rusted and are not safe. We cannot risk another plaster fall and must take action. We are very grateful to our wardens Andrew and Sandy, and treasurer Charlotte, for their prompt response and action. There will be no resolution of this very soon until the picture is clearer and the challenge of the costs involved is known; we could be facing a very substantial bill. At this stage, we need to say that the main church will not be available for services for December and Christmas, and into the New Year. We have the use of the Parish Room, and are investigating other venues for Christmas services. Zoom will remain an important means of worshipping together.

Revd. Neil Fairlamb

Sunday 31st October.

At about 9.08am this morning, between the 8am and 10am services at All Saints Tilford there was a serious lath and plaster fall in the front nave of the church, near the chancel arch. It was a great mercy it did not happen in the 8am service or indeed later at the 10am.

In the circumstances, it was so good that people could respond quickly and an immediate decision was taken to move the service to St Thomas on the Bourne for 10.30am and that went ahead very well indeed with all thanks to John Morris, the choirmaster, choir and organist and congregations for responding so quickly and helpfully.

We will be in touch with the Diocese and Ecclesiastical Insurance tomorrow. Meanwhile the church remains closed and the school services scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday will have to be postponed.

Let us be grateful that no-one has been hurt as was very possible.

Reverend Neil Fairlamb

*** Re-located to St Mary's Church,

Frensham, GU10 3EA ***

All Saints Church and Parish Room

now WiFi enabled !

*** Safeguarding - Diocesan Review ***

Important letter from Bishop Andrew - Please read it here

*** July 2021 - Summer Raffle Prize Winners ***

Hamper - Serena Hickman

Hamper - Charlotte Mathias

Hamper - Peter Thompson

Hamper - Maureen Butler

Hamper - Anne Quelch Anderson

Hamper - James Fox

Hamper - Geoff Quick

Hamper - Chris McQueen

Christian Dior spray - Chris Fielden

Magnum of Grand Plessis Medoc - Marion Hoyle

Marsannay Louis Latour - Mr Pointer

Meal voucher, Red Lion, Godalming, - David Wilson

Meal voucher, Barley Mow - Diana Prain

Flower Bouquet, Lane House Flowers - Sandy Reid

Reflexology Treatment - Liz Burndred

Prosecco Millesimato - A. Longworth

Six x Hogs Back Lager - Andrew Carter

Cotes du Rhône E. Guigal - Sue Small

Louis Jadot - Andrew Napier

Fenjal Soaps & Body Wash - Y. Fairlamb

Gift Card. The Skin Investment Clinic - Mrs C J Norris

Silk Scarf - Deryn Dane

Silk Scarf - Alex Trevellyan

Glass Tankard - Sarah Coyle

Mini Hamper - Till Hill House

Kneeler and Seat - C. Whitaker

Rose bush, Hazelbank Nursery - J. Sylvester

Rose bush , Hazelbank Nursery - S. Fuller

Well Done Dorthe ! Over £2500 raised for Church Funds

For those unable to attend our Crib Service on Christmas Eve, here is a recording of

"A 2020 Nativity"

as performed by the Napier family at the crib service.

The story of the first Christmas, retold as if it were happening today.

Lockdown, Zoom, hand sanitising, social distancing and even rural broadband !

*** Two, Christmas, "Open the Book" videos,

suitable for small children are now available

to watch and listen to ***

"The First Christmas" and "The Wise Men"

Open the Book (OtB) is a project which offers primary school children an opportunity to hear key Bible stories, from a team of Christians from local churches, who present the stories during assemblies or acts of Collective Worship.

Village Carols - 2020

A Virtual Carol Concert

Click on the links below to hear a sequence of carols and readings for Christmas.

Contributions from :-

All Saints CofE Aided School

Edgeborough School Chamber Choir

Vox Chamber Choir

All Saints Virtual Choir

Jayne Sylvester

Geoff Quick

Jill Denbigh

Sue Leach

Bernard Whelan

Neil and Yvonne Fairlamb

Becca Makemson

Rosemary Wisbey

... and ...

Audience Carols to sing along with

Village Carols (Part One)

Carol :- Once in Royal David's City

Carol :- Adam Lay Ybounden - Vox Chamber Choir

Carol :- The Lord at First Did Adam Make - All Saints Virtual Choir

Reading:- A Christmas Childhood by Patrick Kavanagh - Bernard Whelan

Carol :- A Maiden Most Gentle - Vox Chamber Choir

Carol :- O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Vox Chamber Choir

Reading:- Joy to the Mall - Sue Leach

Carol :- Away in a Manger - Owl Class - All Saints Infants

Carol :- Baby Sleeping – Kingfisher Class - All Saints Infants

Reading:- Christmas Dinner by Michael Rosen – Neil Fairlamb

Carol :- Still, Still, Still - Jayne Sylvester/Geoff Quick

Carol :- It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

Reading:- Light of the World - Jill Denbigh/Geoff Quick

Carol :- Long Ago, Prophets Knew - All Saints Virtual Choir

Village Carols (Part Two)

Carol :- The Little Road to Bethlehem - Jayne Sylvester

Reading:- East Street Christmas - Rosemary Wisbey

Carol :- The Colours of Christmas - Rutter - Edgeborough Choir

Carol :- The Lily and the Rose - Chilcott - Edgeborough Choir

Carol :- Have yourself a merry little Xmas - Edgeborough Choir

Reading:- Joseph and the Shepherds – Yvonne Fairlamb

Carol :- Two Recorders – Becca Makemson/Yvonne Fairlamb

Carol :- In the Bleak Midwinter

Reading:- The Boy who Laughed at Santa Claus

by Ogden Nash – Neil Fairlamb

Carol :- O Come All Ye Faithful

Grail Trust

Closing credits

Clips of all the individual items can be found in this YouTube playlist:- Village Carols Playlist

*** Tilford 100 Club Launched ***

Click here to view and download an application form to join the club

*** Lives Remembered Project ***

On behalf of the church committee of All Saints, we are writing to you as someone who has a family member or members buried in our church cemetery or their ashes interred.

Tilford was a new church when it opened in 1867. In fact, burials started a few years earlier, before the church was built. We have had the original registers kept here in the parish but these have now been deposited for posterity and ideal storage and access facilities with the Surrey County Record Office in Woking. We have facsimile copies and the registers are also available digitally from the parish office for those pursuing family history research.

We would like to compile a series of biographies of those whose lives are commemorated by headstone and inscriptions in our churchyard. There is a wealth of history to be remembered and celebrated in these lives and we would like to produce a memorial volume – Lives Remembered in Tilford Churchyard. We would very much like your co-operation in this by sending us as much as you would like to share by way of family history, including photographs. The story of the varied lives remembered would, we feel, be of wide interest and make visits to the churchyard even more special.

If you would like to help us, we invite you to send to us your loving memories, and we will collate together what is sent in and consult everyone before publication. Some people will have had public lives that touched many others` lives; others are lives remembered most within circles of family and friends. All together make a rich tapestry of social history that we feel sure will make memorable reading and connect us to our past as well as passing on this heritage for future generations. Please feel free to write as much as you would like.

Please send any contributions to Sue Small at

The churchyard is looking lovely at the moment with the grass newly strimmed; this is an annual gift from one of our parishioners, to pay for the grass cutting. Volunteers cut at other times. The maintenance of churchyards is a loving burden which the church committee willingly shoulders but it is a very large churchyard and there are very limited funds at our disposal for maintenance. We invite you to consider an annual donation towards churchyard maintenance, and we thank those who do this already. As, of course, we are grateful indeed to those who tend graves themselves regularly. If you could help us with the costs of churchyard maintenance, we could send details. Could we also remind you that headstones are the property of the family who paid for their erection; this means that they are also the family`s responsibility to maintain and when lettering needs renewing or the headstone resetting this is for the family to arrange.

We do hope this Living History project will appeal to you and we look forward to your contributions. We also hope your visits of remembrance to the churchyard are blessed with precious memories and a sense of God`s abiding presence with us.

Rev Neil Fairlamb, Resident Priest. All Saints` Vicarage, Tilford, GU10 2DA

Sunday 12 July 2020 - Resumption of Sunday Services

From July 12th to the end of August there will be two services every Sunday,

one in church at 8am and one a Zoom virtual live service at 10am

8am will be Holy Communion as traditionally observed in Tilford twice a month but now EVERY Sunday till the end of August

10am will be the time of our Zoom service EVERY Sunday, 15 minutes later than the time of 9.45am we have been meeting.

These Zoom services will also be recorded so can be seen at other times; a link will be sent after every service.

In these ways we think we have a good mix. The 8am Communion from the Prayer Book is traditionally a quiet and devotional service. We don`t sing at this service anyway and the requisite social distancing will not be a problem. We are asked not to use prayer books unless you bring your own but a sheet will be provided, to be taken away. Communion will be the wafer of bread only. Seating will be indicated to allow for efficient cleaning afterwards. Facemasks are not compulsory but you may well wish to bring one. Alas no sharing of the peace and no coffee.

These church services will also be enriched by the lovely floral displays we have been photographing for our virtual services.

The live virtual services will continue in the same format, c. 40 minutes long with time to share afterwards. We remain indebted to Geoff Quick and the Virtual Choir for their help which has made these services a remarkable experience to put together and share.

Other promising ideas have been put to us including a possible service on the Green, a parish outing a bit later to Tudeley near Tonbridge to see the Chagall windows, and more.

Saturday 20 June 2020 - Welcome back!

The church is now open daily for private prayer and meditation

from morning to late afternoon.

For this re-opening of the church, which is a cause for thanksgiving and hope,

we ask that the following safety guidelines are observed:

  • Hand sanitizer is provided on the table facing you as you enter the church. Please use it when you enter and before you leave.

  • Please ensure you remain at least 2 metres away from anyone else.

  • Please do not touch any books, kneelers and as much as possible keep your hands free from touching surfaces..

  • Please take one of the prayer guides on the entrance table if you would like but please also take it away with you when you leave.

  • If you would like to make a donation to church funds there is a collecting box in the porch. Gift Aid envelopes are provided..

  • Please inform us if you experience symptoms (or test positive) within 72 hours of visiting us by calling 01252 792333.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and that you find a place of quiet and peace.

There will be no church services until further notice. Virtual church services continue on Zoom every Sunday at 9.45am. You would be most welcome to join. Further details please email

We are grateful to the Church Flowers Team for keeping the witness of flowers as a sign of God`s beautiful world.

Please phone the vicarage if you have any concerns about your visit to the church 01252 792333.

We hope your time in the church has been blessed.





Those who are self-isolating at home are most welcome to call the Vicarage phone 01252 792333 to keep in touch. Community action is being organised to help those house-bound- please phone the Vicarage for details.

Further Information

Neil Fairlamb's Parish Letter (24 March 2020) click here

Neil Fairlamb's Parish Letter (20 March 2020) Click here

Neil Fairlamb's Parish Letter (17 March 2020) Click here

Church of England's Guidance on Covid-19 Click here

*** All events in the Calendar below are cancelled until further notice ***

🌻 Everyone is invited to a Spring Coffee Morning🌻

on Friday 14th Feb from 10.30am

in the Parish Room.

Children are welcome - toys available

A chance to relax and chat while savouring

fresh tea, coffee and home-made cakes.


Come and enjoy!

Prego Dates


November 4 and 18, December 2 and 16,


January 6 and 20 February 3 and 17

March 2 and 16 April 6 and 20

A date for your diary

- All Welcome

All Saints' Stall at the Fete (July 2019)

A Magnificent £1656 Raised !

Raffle £1140,

Hook a duck £73,

Toys & gifts £133,

Neil's Jams &Preserves £310

Raffle Prize Winners

Flight Experience Lavinia McCubbine

Picnic Hamper Sharon Paice

Yvonne Arnaud Theatre tickets Sean Murray

3 bottles Berry Bros Wine Sharon Paice

3 bottles Berry Bros Wine Doug Steele

3 bottles Berry Bros Wine Nigel Morland

Wintershall Nativity Family Ticket Gill Collins

Colour Energy session Deryn Dane

M & S Voucher Josephine Mackenzie

Elphicks Voucher Jane Sylvester

Meat Voucher- James & Sons Yvonne Fairlamb

Bottle of Beaujolais Tony Clayton

Beauty Treatment Voucher C. Goff

Picture Alice Carter

Picture Yvonne Fairlamb

Picture Alan Truscott

Picture Chris Fielden

Picture Doug Steele

Picture Dorry Smith

Load of dried logs Rupert

Southern Comfort Tony De Meric

Institute booking Natalie

Pilates session - Fit for Life Penny Bradford

Rural Life Museum Family ticket Lucy Napier

Ride in a Riley car Brown

Meat Voucher-Smallbones Brown

Floris of London soaps Nick

Duke of Cambridge meal Eliza Jordan

To listen to a recording of this cafe concert

held on Sat. 22 January 2022

click here

(Apologies, but the sound quality is not that brilliant, but hopefully you can still hear what is being said.)

The Keel Row – Northumbrian Pipes played by Kathryn Tickell

Blow the Wind Southerly sung by Kathleen Ferrier

Handel – Apollo's Fire sung by Amanda Forsythe

Mozart – Piano Concerto K271 – Mitsuko Ushida, Jeffrey Tate

He Who Would Valiant Be - sung by Maddy Prior (Steeleye Span)

Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor (3rd Movement)

G&S – Mikado – I've got a little list – Richard Stuart (ENO 2015)

Parce Mihi Domine – Jan Garbarek and Hilliard Ensemble

Book:- Complete anthology of the works of Samuel Johnson

Luxury:- A crate of Madeira wine.