Treasure Hunt Answers

Treasure Hunt Answers

1. George Dewrance Irving Armstrong

2. Raleigh Ashlin Skelton

3. Three snakes

4. St Hugh of Lincoln

5. St Ambrose

6. At the bottom of the Thomas Darnley Anderson window in the south aisle

7. In the George Thomas Nicholson plaque in the north aisle

8. Diana Hope Rowden

9. Colonel John Davis

10. Kuwait (Plaque on pillar at south-west end)

11. Three (window in north aisle)

12. At the far end of the south aisle

13. Round the top of the font

14. In the window on the north side of the sanctuary

15. HMS Tilford

16. Abraham (west window)

17. Ellen Rose (Window north aisle)

18. Around the top of the pulpit

19. The organ

20. Tabernacle door (south side of sanctuary)