Tips n' Tricks

Sometimes, I come across some incredibly useful tips and I'm wondering how I survived for so long without knowing them. Here is a collection of my favorite ones. I hope you'll find something helpful :)

Retrieving a Saved Password

Don’t you hate it when your password is just there, hidden behind those little dots but you just can’t remember it? Here is how to retrieve a saved password in 10 seconds without having to change it.

Stat Checker

Michèle B. Nuijten, Sacha Epskamp and Sean C. Rife implemented this really cool online Stat Checker that allows you to upload a (APA-formatted) document and checks for errors in statistical reporting. It is free to use, super fast and incredibly convenient to check your manuscript for typos.

Translation Tools

Running experiments in your home country can be convenient but one downside is to translate the instructions in English before sending your manuscript for publication. DeepL is an amazing free to use translation tool based on machine learning that works incredibly well for this kind of task and will save you a couple hours of work. You can even translate full documents for free!

Sending Personnalized Automated Emails