I am a postdoctoral Research Scientist at the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences, at Stanford University and SLAC National Lab. Working with the groups of Profs. Aaron Lindenberg and Will Chueh, I am interested in probing the dynamics of fundamental processes underlying the operation of nano-electronic and energy storage devices. Armed with an understanding of these processes, my goal is to engineer better materials for computing, energy harvesting, and thermal management. Recent work includes the first atomic-scale ultrafast movie of an operating electronic switch.

Previously, I received my Ph.D. working with Prof. Ken Goodson at Stanford. There I studied nanoscale thermal transport in two-dimensional (2D) materials & devices, and defect-rich crystals. My thesis work included the demonstration of a nanoscale thermal switch in MoS2, and the development of an imaging technique to "visualize" heat transport near a grain boundary. Thereafter, I worked briefly in Prof. Eric Pop's group where I studied thermal transport in 2D heterostructures and developed models for heat management in 3D ICs.

My CV (updated May 14, 2022)

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