In this post, you will see the steps to do Ace Elite Card login for getting a lot of benefits like general Bank debit cards. Ace Elite Card is a prepaid card to withdraw money and do a lot of transactions with your money. In a single sentence, you can take over control of your money with this Visa Prepaid debit card. You can also try the Walmart Credit Card Login and also the American Express Credit Card Login here. "COVID-19"

There is no need for any credit check-up as this card account holder can only use the card when the money is already loaded. After you register this card, you can directly deposit money into your account. You can monitor and handle your account online and with smartphones.

Ace Elite Card Login for Account Information

Now, I will be demonstrating the procedure to sign in to your account of Ace Elite. Feel comfortable by reading and doing the guidelines I’m going to say. Okay, now dig into the heart of the article.

1. Follow this login link.

2. You’ll see the Account Login page.

3. Fill the fields with your Username and Password.

4. Now click on login to manage your bank account of Ace Elite login Debit Card.

The above process will let you log in to your account through the website.

Now, see how to do Ace Elite login through the mobile app.

Ace Elite Card Login on Mobile Applications (Android/iOS):

This prepaid debit card can be handled using mobile applications. This app is available for both Android & iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. Below I will provide links to download & install Ace Elite application from Play Store and iTunes. "COVID-19"

Ace Elite For Android | Ace Elite For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

I hope you can download and install this app on your device. Now, open the application, there you can see fields to enter username & password in smartphones. Click login to proceed further to see your account details securely.

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How To Register for Elite Debit Card

  • Fill out the below-given fields on that page genuinely.

    • First name

    • Middle initial

    • Last name

    • Address (no PO Boxes)

    • Apartment number

    • Select State

    • Phone number

    • Zip Code

    • Email address

  • You can select the card you want to apply for i.e., pink, black & others.

  • Check the terms & conditions box after you read it carefully.

  • For security reasons, enter your DOB and SSN.

  • After that, click on Get My Card and register the card easily.

Features of Ace Elite Login

  • With this card, you can make an unlimited purchase using this application, with the only fee of $5/monthly.

  • By doing monthly direct deposit activity, you can withdraw 300$ per day withing Ace expression locations.

  • There will be a 10$ cushion if you directly deposit 500$ in your account.

  • By downloading the Ace Elite mobile application, you can get the alerts of your different activities.

  • You can transfer your funds to anyone who is using the same card anywhere in the United States.

  • FDIC insurance will be done for your money after you deposit.

  • Special offers are there to earn reward points. You can use these rewards to get cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the FAQ here.

What bank does ACE Elite card use?

Member FDIC and MetaBank use Ace Elite prepaid cards. These are the banks that are serving Ace Elite Visa debit cards. MetaBank’s Official Sales Organization is Netspend. If you want to order an Elite or Flare or Cash Express card, visit the official site and fill in your details for the card.

How do I speak to a representative at Netspend?

To talk to a Netspend representative, you can make a call. This is a toll-free number. They answer calls only between Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 10 PM. By this, you can also check your Netspend account balance.

Can I overdraft my ace elite card?

You can overdraft your Ace Elite card. There is a fee to overdraw money from your account. If you draw over $10 one time, you’ll be charged $15. This can be done only three times per month.

What is Ace Elite Customer Service Number?

Ace Elite Customer Service number is You can call that number if you want any assistance from them. Even if you’ve any queries regarding your account, loans, overdraft, etc., they will help you with that. You can also contact them at their office locations near you.

I hope my tutorial helped you to log in to the Ace Elite Debit Card. If you feel any trouble login or Registration, shoot out your words in the comments section below. Share this post as soon as you get your job done.

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