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AOL Mail has been most popular among all emailing platforms. Many people are using the AOL Mail services and many more are intended to start using it. AOL Mail offers their emailing feature for free and the process to set up an AOL Mail account is also easy and quick as we have broken it into few steps. So, here we will learn about AOL Mail account creation and the login process. But before moving on to steps, let’s learn about some important features of AOL email login.

Some Important Features of AOL Mail

  • If we talk about the email attachment limit at the AOL Mail platform you got an email attachment size limit up to 25 MB. It means you can attach a file up to 25 MB in a single email.

  • Now, let’s understand its mailbox capacity. At the AOL Mail platform, mailbox size is quite good. Massages can be stored at the AOL Mail platform up to a 250 GB size limit.

  • AOL Mail supports three email server protocols such as POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.

  • AOL Mail also supports other email accounts such as Gmail and Hotmail. You can access your other email accounts using your login credentials.

  • You may feel irritating as ads are displayed sometimes while working with an AOL Mail account.

  • AOL Mail comes with spam and virus protection technology so you can feel safe while working with AOL login Mail.

  • Sometimes while typing at speed, the chances of spelling mistakes are too much. So, the spell checker feature can help you. Sending an email including spelling mistakes never makes a good impression on the recipient.

  • You can personalize your username by choosing a different type of domain such as,,,, and; these domains are available on the AOL Mail platform.

Quick Steps to Create an AOL Mail Account

Create an AOL Mail account for free by following the steps mentioned below. Make sure that you have secured internet connectivity on your device.

  1. First, on your Computer/Mobile Phone, open a web browser

  2. Now, type sign up AOL Mail, then press Enter to search

  3. Head to the create an account page, then click on the “ Create an Account” button

  4. After completing the above steps a create an account form will be displayed on your screen

  5. Now, fill in the create an account form

  6. Enter your details such as name, number, an alternate email address, date of birth, etc.

  7. After entering your details set a “Strong Password” for your account, make sure to use some special characters and numbers

  8. Now, click on the “Continue” button to move on to the next step

  9. In your next step, verify your mobile/ email address that you have provided

  10. To do that, request to get a code on your mobile/email

  11. Now, check the inbox of your mobile phone or the email account

  12. Look for the verification code and enter it to complete the verification process

Note: After finishing all of the above steps your AOL webmail account creation process will be completed. Now, let’s go through the login AOL Mail process. To login into your AOL Mail account you will need your username and password, so please try to remember it.

Easy steps for AOL Mail Login

AOL com login is an easy process. Go through the steps mentioned below to complete the AOL login email process. You can also use these login AOL credentials for email login for Verizon Customers, AOL Email login Page for USA. So let’s move on to steps for mail AOL login.

  1. On your smartphone/computer, open a trusted web browser

  2. Now, type in the search bar then press Enter

  3. Else, you can download and install the “AOL Mobile app” on your mobile phone

  4. Now, head to the login AOL page and enter the login credentials

  5. Then, click select to “Continue”

  6. You will be logged in to your “AOL Mail account”

Note: Once after completing all the above steps; you will be able to access your “my AOL login” account. After that, you can head to System requirement for AOL Site and AOL mail settings. You can also change my AOL mail login screen name at any time.


In short, AOL mail comes with virus and spam protection features that make your emailing experience better and safer. To, start using AOL Mail services you will need to create a new account. The same process had already been discussed above in the article. Go through the steps to create your AOL Mail account and login into your AOL Mail account. If further, you have any doubt related to AOL Mail login then you can head to the official website of AOL Mail login site. AOL Mail is highly secured; to start using AOL Mail login features you will need to create a new account, go through the steps for a quick setup of AOL Mail account.