About Us

Teen Reach Greencastle PA is trained under the national organization Teen Reach to provide camp and mentor programs to teens in our community. Royal Familiy KIDS follows the same format for a younger population. Together, our Greencastle locations serve children (6-11) and teens (12-18) in the foster care system or with troubled pasts.

The mission is to “Confront Abuse” and “Provide Hope for a Future.” We do this through building relationships, providing positive memories, exemplifying family and love, and helping to build trust, self-value, teamwork, and leadership. By confronting the abuse and providing hope, we can break the cycle of abuse. And due to the longevity of our programs, graduates of Teen Reach the opportunity to volunteer with Royal Family KIDS, replacing the cycle of abuse with the cycle of mentorship!

About our local Teen Reach and Royal Family KIDS:

  • Royal Family KIDS began in 2008

  • Teen Reach began in 2016

  • We are 100% volunteer, donation, and fundraiser driven.

  • All volunteers are vetted and trained to ensure safety at camp and mentoring events.

  • We have operating budgets of $40k (Royal Family KIDS) and $20k (Teen Reach)

About the kids and teens we serve from our Greencastle Teen Reach and RFK locations:

  • Combined we serve approximately 80-90 kids and teens each year. That number continues to grow as our Teen Reach program continues growing.

  • Campers and mentees come from Huntington to York and Harrisburg to Winchester VA.

  • Teen Reach serves graduates of 3 different Royal Family KIDS programs in the Area (Greencastle, Chambersburg, and Winchester)

Teen Reach Adventure Camp

3-day, single gender camp weekends for at-risk teens age 12-15.


Year-long mentoring for campers and past campers age 12-18.