About Us/Club Officers

Club President: Linda Lau, ACG

"I'm a longtime member of 25 Alive Toastmasters. I continue to learn and practice how to be a better communicator and leader. These skills are applicable to my professional and personal life. Being an active part of Toastmasters provides lots of brain fitness activities to help us stay mentally fit as we age. In addition, I love the diverse and supportive members, who make the weekly meetings educational and fun!"

Club Vice President of Education: Matthew Lim, DTM

I like being a Toastmaster because it helped me become more confident talking to strangers and helped me get my current job! I was pretty shy in the past and had trouble responding to impromptu questions. Through Toastmasters, I learned to speaker better on the cuff, the importance of humor, and I was able to make new friends!

Club Vice President of Membership: Cesar Love

I always look forward to our Wednesday noon meetings, where I bring my lunch and enjoy the camaraderie I share with the interesting friends I have made through 25-Alive Toastmasters. These gatherings have given me a space to improve and refine my public speaking ability. Before I joined Toastmasters, I was already comfortable with public speaking. But I had not made an effort to develop my craft. Since joining Toastmasters, I have learned many useful techniques and have grown as a public speaker. I have also had lots of fun along the way.

Club Vice President of Public Relations: Nora Priego, CC

"I always look forward to our meetings because every week there is always something different. I'm either the speaker or have a different role to fill. I learn something every week!"

Club Treasurer: Alex Ismail

Joining Toastmasters was one of my best professional decisions as the 25-Alive TM club provides a very nurturing environment for improving my public speaking skills.

Club Secretary: Barry Pearl, CC, CL

"I have been a member of the 25 Alive Toastmasters Club for 17 years. I continue to be inspired by the growth and success achieved by current and former members of this Club, including a number who have achieved Distinguished Toastmaster status. I have developed friendships with many people who call 25 Alive Toastmasters their public speaking and leadership skills learning environment "home". Many people who join Toastmasters see it as a program to grow their skills and move on with their lives after a brief membership. While I initially joined Toastmasters to improve my public speaking for my career, as a retiree involved in a number of volunteer activities, I continue to benefit from the time-tested program offered by Toastmasters. Therefore, I consider myself one of those people who see the opportunities offered by the Toastmasters program as a lifetime avocation. I credit 25 Alive Toastmasters with helping me grow as a speaker and a service leader. The joy, fun and learning opportunity provided by 25 Alive Toastmasters will keep me coming back for more."

Seargent At Arms: Jose Flores, CC

"Toastmasters has helped me minimize the fear of speaking in front of a large audience, and in one-to-one communications. Toastmasters has helped me improve my communication and leadership skills."

History of the Club:


Twenty-Five Alive Toastmasters Club was formed on June 28, 1995.

Our club is open to anyone age 18 and above who is interested in learning how to reduce their fear of public speaking and improving their leadership skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Our name "Twenty-Five Alive" does not refer to the age of the members, but rather to the original location of our club at "25" Van Ness Avenue, and "Alive" to reflect the enthusiasm from our members.

Our club membership is diverse, made up of experienced and newer members at different age range, ethnicity, gender, career, interests, and skills.

We are currently growing our membership and adding new energy. We would be delighted to welcome you to our next virtual meeting on Wednesdays at 12:05 pm PDT


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