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Welcome to Bridges REsidential Life

The Bridges Residential Life Program is under the direction of certified vision impairment educators. Bridges Residential Life is not a replacement to a student's home environment. The goal is learning successful shared living skills. Students learn how to be responsible for themselves and a productive member of their residential community.

The mission of Bridges Residential Life is to equip our students with the necessary skills for life-long independent living by utilizing the unique teaching environment of the campus residences to develop life skills, ignite personal motivation, cultivate self awareness, and foster healthy relationships within our community.

Residential Life Staff

a photograph of Joseph Stephens

Joseph Stephens,
Bridges Residential Life Coordinator

A photograph of Nikki

Nikki Teuscher,
Bridges Residential Staff

Tyson Field,Occupational Therapist

Shay Niederhauser,Bridges Residential Staff

What can I expect from the residential life staff?

The residential life model is not a replicate of the parent-to-child relationship. Our model is a shared living environment similar to that of a college dorm. Staff do not take the place of parents. Their role is a coach.

What is the residential schedule?

Bridges High School Students & Bridges Community Readiness: Sunday evening through Thursday. Weekend placement is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Is there an age requirement?

High school students who are not yet 16 years old may have preview days where they can spend one night in the residences. Students 16 years and older may stay full time.

Is there a cost?

Room and board is no cost to students. Activities are included in the program. Community based activities. Students need to provide their own hygiene products, bedding, and incidental expenses that are not included in standard room and board. An example of this would be purchasing specific snacks that are not part of the regular residential grocery shopping.

What about my child's medication needs?

All Bridges High School students are required to have a current health care plan. Medication and specific health care needs are under the supervision of the campus nurse. Bridges Community Readiness students manage their own medication with some supervision from staff.

a group picture of Nikki, Joseph and Shay

The Role of the Bridges REsidential LIfe Program

The Bridges Residential Life Program is the complimentary piece to our Bridges campus programs. Instruction is an extension of the campus based learning. It is the "lab" where students apply skills to real life situations. Instruction starts at 3:00 and includes after school enrichment, cooking classes, and differentiated instruction in the residences and in the community to meet the students at their learning level and help them reach their potential. Students are empowered to develop action plans to reach their goals.